#handsewpatchwork Block 8: Mayflower

*I have never imagined we will go this far for #handsewpatchwork. It's really amazing how social media can bring people who are all so far apart to be doing something together. I know there are many of you out there joining this hand sewing journey quietly behind the computers. I'm very grateful to hear all the good and bad things about each block post. Thank you for motivating me to continue to work harder and write up my own designs to share.*


This week's block is another easy flower although it requires a little bit of patience at the last part of joining. It's called Mayflower. I have seen this beautiful flower block in many quilts but I have never tried them. Now I'm regretting I didn't try it earlier. It's really pretty. I should make a big quilt of this flower.

Download Template 8 Mayflower-2.


Arrange templates according to how you wish to patch them. Divide them into four groups as in the picture above. We will sew them one group each time but the sewing method is the same for all the groups.


Choose one group and sew template 1 and 2 from end-to-end. Open up and press seam towards flower (darker fabric).


Now sew template 3 from end-to-point (centre). Press seam towards flower too.


You have completed one group. Do the same to the other three groups.


Here's how the four groups should look like.




Then join the upper groups together first by sewing from end-to-point then point-to-point. Press seam towards flower. Do the same to the lower groups.


Lastly to join the two upper and lower groups together.



Pin part by part. Start from first part sew from end-to-point. Unpin and pin the centre part and sew from point-to-point.


This is how the centre should look like. It's straightforward of just sewing across.

Then unpin and pin the last part. Sew from point-to-end. Fold all seams towards flower. That's it!


The back of the block looks like this.


Isn't this one of the easiest block, other than the bow-tie? And now you have another block to add to this sew-a-long!

Next week, we will try to use one of the blocks to make a zipper pouch. I'll show you how I usually hand sew zipper pouches. Yes, hand sewing again! Spread the words and join me next week!xxx

^^For cross referencing if you have the book, this patchwork block is at page 184.

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