#handsewpatchwork Block 9: Yacht

*If you are following my IG, you may have known that I have been dealing with migraine for the past week. Migraine is awful because I just simply can't get anything done. Sorry I have to delay the tutorial post for the zipper pouch. I'm still working on it. I'm really hoping to finish this sew-a-long before Christmas so that everyone can get your beautiful work hung up the wall for the magical season. So I'm continuing with the next block to keep the ball rolling.*

##Sorry for the poor pictures! >.< The pictures are very dull and pixelated. They were taken in the late evening.##

This block is one of the easiest block to make. No fancy Y-seams or curves to manage. Just sewing from end-to-end that's all. I needed to a quick block and this block has been on my mind ever since Tasha, Jesse and Kerri did their versions. Their nautical blocks were really beautiful and so inspiring.


Frankly, I'm not really satisfied with the block. It's just not me. The colours and the wonky sewing. My head wasn't feeling right so I was trying to quickly get it done. Well, I may sew another one when I have the time.

So let's get started. There are only a few pictures for this block because it's too straightforward!

Download Template 9 Yacht. Cut out the templates and arrange them according to your liking.


First we'll sew the four sails together. Easy peasy. Sew from end-to-end for all. Fold seams towards darker fabric.


Join the top and bottom sails together to get two sets. Here I fold the the seams in opposite directions for each set to ease the bulk for sewing later (**in the book, the seams are folded in same directions for both sets).


Now sew the two sets together. Remember to pin from the centre first. Sew from end-to-end. Fold seam either to left or right (it doesn't matter for now).


Sew the two side rectangles to the sails. Sew from end-to-end again. Here you have to fold all seams in the same direction.


There you go, the top part is completed.


Now the centre part is to just sew the two triangles to the boat. Sew from end-to-end. Fold seams towards darker fabric.


Lastly, join the three parts together.


Fold seams towards the boat.


There you are, your yacht is ready to sail!

^^For cross referencing if you have the book, this patchwork block is at page 192.

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