Wednesday, October 3, 2012

last week & yesterday

A zipper pouch for my mom.

A small yo-yo and a pearl for her because she likes both. And I used quilting thread to hand quilt the patchwork onto a soft thin batting.

The back is natural linen with lace. I also used the same lace for attachment of an O-ring so that she can hang her favourite charms.

Interior is one of my favourite floral fabric. I did not bear to use it since I only had a really small piece left. But for my mom, it's ok because I know she will definitely like it as much as I do.

Last week, I also started with my baby blanket. The quilt top is ready and I'm starting to hand quilt it.
Yesterday, I made two headbands for Chilli and me. One with MT washi tape and ther other with fabric tape (available in my store soon). I used a plain black headband and just twirl the tapes around. A short crafting time to calm myself in the middle of kids tantrums.

A happy mail that came yesterday! Look at all the beautiful fabrics!
Yes, I know we are having a baby boy coming but I just cannot resist floral fabrics. You can get them from here, one of my favourite online fabric stores.
I have a tutorial on the round pouch coming up soon. Thank you for all the sweet mails regarding the pouch. I am not selling patterns now. Maybe in the near future if I'm lucky?
xo, wynn

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

hexagon round pouch & an ipad casing

I love making hexies. They are therapeutic and pretty to look at. But usually I am not sure what to do with them. This time, I wanted to make coasters but after seeing the pretty red zipper on my desk, I changed my mind and started sewing this round pouch...


I used linen to sew the hexie flower on and added quilting details using red quilting thread. The pouch is fully handsewn. That explains why I took so much time to complete it... Ah yes, I'm really slow.
Inside is red gingham fabric by Lecien. You can find it here.
 Back of the pouch is a simple and nice lace. It's my favourite.

Other than sewing the hexagon round pouch, I also made an iPad casing for myself. It fits really well but the minus point is that it's not waterproof. So my husband is not really keen to use it.

The beautiful fabric is by Sandi Henderson Meadowsweet and the yellow gingham is again by Lecien Japan. I really like fabrics by Sandi Henderson, other than the usual Japan fabrics I adore. I bought both fabrics from Etsy.

Inside is just velcro closing since magnetic button is not advisable for electronic products.
Now my table is a little free, so I wish to work on a small quilt for baby....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

love begins at home...

"Love begins at home, and it's not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action."
~ Mother Teresa

I chanced upon this quote in a magazine and thought about the  meaning to it for quite some time. Recently, I'm having a rather tough time dealing with my children. Not that they misbehave, it's the consistent nonsensical tantrums and frustrations. I try my best to keep my cool at all times but there are moments I nearly pulled my hair out. Screamings and cryings drive me crazy. My patience runs thin. And I break down a few times, feeling like a lousy mom. But whenever I feel lost and helpless, I remind myself of this quote. Love is all what our children need.

This pillow took me quite a while to handsew. I think the yo-yos (sewn with all my favourite fabrics) make an interesting detail to the pillow. The only thing I'm still not quite satisfied is the binding. I still cannot find a better fabric for the binding other than red. Any suggestion?

Since I do not have embroidery floss, I used quilting thread for handstitching the words. Each yo-yo is also sewn in place so I can just throw the pillow into the sewing machine (hand-wash no-spin function) to wash.

These yo-yos are small sized. I should make bigger ones to save trouble filling up the space. But I enjoyed making them, especially when I needed a therapeutic break.

The back is simple choice with my favourite lace. This is machine stitched.

Now I'm almost 24 weeks with baby #3. I'm intending to sew a small blanket for him. Handstitching is slow but I cannot find a quilter nearby. So I'm still thinking how to do it in the fastest way.

Anyway, I'm sewing a few hexies now...

will be back soon...


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a new beginning... a happy news

Hello there. I hope everyone is doing very well. What I have been doing all these months? Many ups and downs emotionally and physically. But I'm glad we survived through the tough times and we are doing better everyday. Love overcomes all.

I stopped sewing for quite a while. It feels rather uneasy to give up sewing. Everyday I look at my fabrics and think, when can I pick up my needle again? But as always, I hesitated and went back to the same old daily routine of housechores, cooking, kids and rest. Yes, I have been resting alot. I'm not sure how much I rested but alot of times I just wished to lift my legs up and close my eyes.

Last week, I finally started sewing again. Finally. The feeling of happiness within was overwhelming. I feel alive again. This is what I did....

And I'm sewing a small blanket for baby. Oh baby. We are having a baby boy coming along very soon in December. Everyone in our family is very surprised and happy. The kids are excited to be big brother and sister. I'm feeling baby moving everyday and it makes me smile. I thought I might share this happy news here.

I think it's a new beginning for me in everything. Life, family, sewing. I have more sewing work to share soon too.


p/s: I'm trying to revamp this blog a little here and there. Sorry for the clutter.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tutorial: Patchwork Lunch Shopping Bag

I'm very honoured to be invited by Jo to share an easy tutorial over at her blog for her New Skills Festival!

It's very easy to sew. All you need is patience! I hope the tutorial is simple to comprehend. If you do have any questions, feel free to drop me a mail. I'll try to answer your doubts. ^_^

Just sharing what I'm busy with these days...

(Sorry if this picture looks weird. It's taken with my iPhone.)

Hoping to share more things very soon!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

everyone is spoiling me... + giveaway winners

I just had the craziest two weeks. No sewing, no computer. Only cooking, running after kids and all other chores. Can you imagine how sad I am everyday looking at my working table and fabrics?

The happy times I had were when the postman rang my bell and passed me parcels. Everyone is spoiling me.... all my lovely friends.

Thank you so much, Amy! Thank you for the prettiest pincushion! It's so much bigger than I thought and it's so well made. I love it alot alot and have not used it yet... just cannot bear to damage it. I love all the hand stitching details. And thank you for the sweet note too!^_^

A parcel full of beautiful things from Amy! Thank you so much, Amy! I'm so spoilt by you with all the beautiful fabrics and ribbon trims and cards! And the sweet note! When I opened the parcel box, I was so overwhelmed by everything inside and I took quite a while admiring them. Amy also sent me a few Atsuko Matsuyama fabric which I don't have! Yay! And a few other pretty floral fabric too! *hearts*

Aw... this is one very surprised parcel from Kristin. My heart is still fluttering looking at this lovely parcel from Kristin. She is such a sweetie! She bought some fabric from my destash a while ago and I did not know she has so many better fabric in her stash! She just sent me this parcel without telling me! *happy* I love every single piece of fabric from her. And the fabric tape she did. All are my treasures! Thank you so much, Kristin! *hugs*

A big parcel of Sarah Jane, Children at Play fabric! I just could not resist this range of fabric so I had to buy it all from Kerri!They are such a darling! So vintage prints. And the pretty pom-poms by Riley Blake are a must to have too. I'm waiting for them to make pillows! Thank you so much Kerri!

So can you see how much I'm loved by lovely people? That includes my family too! They are loving me alot too and that makes me a little happier at the end of each day.

Ok, to the giveaway winners. Sorry for the long wait! Thank you so much for all your comments! I had a good time reading all and it was so interesting to find out the different kinds of flowers everyone likes. I really googled some flowers that I don't know. It's very fun for me to read about them! Thank you everyone for sharing!

Now, here you go:

I'll go according to sequence as in the generator.

18: Kristinorth - book
2: Elena - fabric
6: Kerry - fabric
15: ZiaMaria - embroidery thread

I'll email all winners shortly.

now I feel so much better after blogging... time to sleep...


Saturday, September 3, 2011

a little something for myself & a small giveaway

Early last week, I received a small parcel for myself. It made me a very happy woman.

The hello kitty stamps are really cute!

Fabrics from my most favourite Atsuko Matsuyama. Yes, I'm crazy over her prints. Very much crazy. So much so I have started a Flickr group for everyone to share the fabrics you have and the things you make from her prints. Please join us! All the fabrics above are bought from Lilymeru. I'm so glad to have found her shop in Etsy!

Ok now to a small giveaway as I promised...

There are four gifts for four lucky winners!

To join this giveaway, please leave a comment to share with us what is your most favourite flower! Yes, flower! Ok, I'm so in love with orchids. I see them everyday in our balcony! How about you? Which flower do you love the most? I will really be very happy to know!

Each person is entitled to only one chance for fairness. You can let me know which gift you would like to win!

I'll pick four winners on Sept 12. So, any entry before I pick the winners is considered valid.

Can't wait to share what I'm working on with the new fabrics... ^_^