Cheerios zipper pouch

With leftover scraps from Rise & Shine mini quilt, I had planned to make another mini one with the scrap fabrics. The most perfect pattern would be the Cheerios mini quilt, also by Thimbleblossoms! It's a free pattern published at Love Quilting Magazine May Issue 8 (yes, i'm a digital subscriber because I can't resist a great magazine!).

The pattern is easy to follow and so quick to sew too. Just like the. So instead of sewing nine blocks to make the mini quilt, I sewed ten.

When I was about to patch the blocks, I spotted a lonely aqua zipper lying on my table. It was calling me "Use me! Use me!".

So I had to use it of course.



I chose four of the blocks and sewed them together. Hand quilted around the yummy colourful cheerios with a thin layer of batting below. Rummaged through my stash for the perfect green fabric for the back and machine quilted it with another layer of batting. In less than an hour, I made a really pretty pouch!



Look at the aqua zipper! Doesn't it look perfect in this pouch...? I think it's really awesome to have your ideas worked out immediately when you see something that inspired you at that very moment. I love that feeling really.

And if you know me, you know I always need to choose a decent fabric for lining too. It makes me feel happy to open up a pouch or bag to see that inside is beautiful too.




This zipper pouch is squarish and big enough to store at least two of my yarn balls. I can squeeze in another, maybe smaller, one too.


Since I still have another six blocks to make into something else, I'll put this pouch in my etsy shop so someone else can enjoy it too! xxx

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