#handsewpatchwork Block 3: Bow Tie

*Note: The pictures are taken on a rainy day so if they are not clear, please email for clearer explanations. Thank you.

I think this is a block everyone must trying making. I'll tell you why:

1. It only has two paper templates and five fabric templates.

2. It's so easy to sew. Took me only 30 minutes to make one from beginning.

3. The Y-seams are a breeze to sew by hand than machine (i promise).

4. The block is very pretty!


For this block, the new thing we are learning is sewing Y-seams by hand. It's so easy with hand sewing. And faster too. I can't do it on a machine because I cannot control my machine as good as my hands. With hand sewing, I can start or stop where I want to and control my stitch length.

Y-seams occur when three fabrics meet at a point. That's why we need to sew and stop at the point where they meet. So you can turn the fabrics easily for the next part of stitching. And when you need stop at that point, just do a backstitch.

Please keep in mind that for this block, it's important to note where to sew from end-to-point or point-to-point. I'll highlight in bold.

I'll not repeat the explanations for basic hand sewing from this post on. So please if you are new or unsure, refer to previous two other posts here and here.

Let's get started now.

Download Template 3 Bowtie.


Cut out the templates, paste on cardboard then trace on chosen fabrics with preferred seam allowance (I use 1cm throughout).


First we will sew the ribbon.




Pin in place and sew point-to-point. Remember to do a backstitch for the first stitch and last stitch. Repeat with the other side.


Here you go, you have the bow tie now. Fold the seams inwards.



Now to sew the background fabric to the bow tie. It's divided into three parts. For the first part, pin in place the fabrics and start sewing from end-to-point (because there are only two fabrics at the beginning to deal with, we can sew from end).


See you are not pinning or sewing through three fabrics.


Do a back stitch when you reach the point. Remove the pins. Turn and adjust your fabric to match and pin in place. This is the second part of sewing. For this part, sew from point-to-point. Remember backstitch for first and last stitch.

Remove pins after you reach the point of the second part. Again, turn and adjust your fabric to match and pin in place. You are sewing the last part from point-to-end again just like the first part.


Fold the seams like this in the picture. Repeat for the other side.


Here's the back of the block.


And there, here you are done with this bow tie block! Is it easier than block 2 evening star? I think I'm liking this block so much that I may sew a few more to make a pouch or something! xxx

^^For cross referencing if you have the book, this patchwork block is at page 170.

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karen woodhull said...

this block is so adorable...love the fabrics you used.

Ivone Magalhães said...

Fiquei apaixonada pelos seus lindos trabalhos.
Parabéns pelo talento