Heart shaped zipper patchwork pouch

That day I took out all my WIP and stared at them for a long time. And this lone patchwork block caught my eye. It was crumbled and looked lonely. So I thought of turning it to a normal zipper pouch which I usually will make. My daughter skipped into the room and told me, "Mommy, my favourite shape is love! Can you make me something love-shaped?"

Of course I did.


The heart shape was cut free-hand by folding the block into half (for symmetry). Then I layered a batting and pretty lining fabric beneath and hand quilted the three layers together.





The back fabric is another cheater patchwork fabric I love.


It was a relaxing kind of sewing I enjoyed very much.


The zipper is the only kind of pretty zipper I can find here in my local store. I hand sewed the zipper too after sewing the bias binding. Since the shape of the pouch is not straight, the binding fabric had to be cut bias to give it flexibility.


This is how the hand sewed zipper looks like.


Everything is hand sewed for this pouch except I pieced the patchwork block using sewing machine.

Now my daughter brings me her favourite Disney princesses fabric to request me to make her a heart shaped bag. So I think I am putting this pouch in my etsy shop for sale.

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Pratima said...

Absolutely the sweetest! Love your love shaped pouch with cute fabrics, your daughter's suggestion is perfect!

Jolana said...

Wonderful!!! So cute project :) J.

Alli said...

That's so cute! :)

Clara said...