Rise & Shine mini quilt

Everyone's making mini quilts by Thimbleblossoms. I have to admit the patterns are pretty cute. Too cute for words actually.

I bought the Rise & Shine mini pdf pattern during a sale. Following a pattern is not my cup of tea. Because most of the times, my sewing becomes wonky and distorted. Maybe it's my cutting. Especially when I cut with rotary cutter. I'm definitely better with scissors.

This time, to save my precious time (when kids are napping), I chose rotary cutter again and piled up the fabrics (4-5 pieces each time) and cut them.

Oh well.

Of course, I regretted again.




Individual blocks were beautiful but when pieced, the points just couldn't meet. In fact, I had a rather hard time sewing, trying to adjust the points and seams. I blame myself for rushing through the cutting. If I cut more precisely and carefully, I would have a better time piecing them.

But pardon me, this is my first time cutting more than hundred pieces of squares and rectangles! I have never quite done this before.


However, I was really lucky to have found a beautiful "long-lost" charm pack to make up for my blunder. This charm pack by Pam Kitty Morning was tucked right inside my cupboard and forgotten. Imagine my face when I took it out. Every piece is just so pretty!


This mini pattern is relatively easy to follow. It's an enjoyment to sew and see how each blocked is pieced. You just wish to work as fast as possible to see the end result. I am actully very happy that I tried.


Now this mini quilt hangs on my wall. It looks fantastic, from far. Only if you dont mind the crooked points.

ps: green backing fabric is Naptime by Darlene Zimmerman and yellow binding fabric is Vintage Happy by Lori Holt.

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pam said...

I love it! it's so cute and looks perfect to me! I know what you mean though, I often have regrets as well!
I am hasty too much. Yours looks perfect to me!

Angela Smith said...

This is adorable! I've been making her minis and love them. Rise and Shine is next and I am inspired by your choice of fabrics and these pictures. It's not easy to work with such tiny pieces of fabric!! Beautiful job"

erin said...

absolutely gorgeous!