Patchwork tissue box cover

I have a new toy recently and I had to use it. It's a walking foot! I've never used one before and I was pretty excited to try it out. Imagine finishing your sewing ten times faster without handquilting..? Although I enjoy handquilting very much, sometimes I think I need instant gratification of a fast project.

So, when I saw this small patchwork piece lying beside a tissue box, I knew my chance was here. I wrapped it around the box, oh dear, way too small. And since I was too lazy to add more squares, I just used a cheater patchwork fabric again.

And this is how it turned out...




The walking foot is amazing! It works lightning fast! Why no one ever mentioned to me how useful it can be? Anyway, I'm really surprised and very very happy with it. I kinda regretted that I did not bother to buy this toy earlier.


I used six small buttons to close the opening. The tissue box fits perfectly. There's still a little room for a bigger box. The other side of the cover has no buttons.



"Sugar attracts ants" fabric tape. How apt! My children had a good laugh over it when I showed them. It's a good reminder for them to use the tissue to wipe or clear up any food mess before the ants appear.

For the tape, I did not use any fusible interfacing. Just folded in the sides and blind stitched it down.


This is how it looks when it's flat without the tissue box. Oh, did I mention it's also my first time using the sewing machine to sew bias tape? It was not as difficult as I thought!



I'm very pleased with this cover. I have this "funny" feeling about tissue box designs. Not that I found one design I like till now.

So, making this patchwork cover is just perfect.

Now it sits beautifully in the living room...



There is no pattern to this cover. Just measure or wrap the tissue box and sew as you go. Adjust accordingly and add anything you wish to.

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Eva Martin said...

How lovely !! The fabric choice is just perfect !!

Elnora said...

Such a brilliant project, Wynn! It must have been hard to fit it just right? Lovely!