Hexagon mini quilt for the wall

So this is my first mini quilt for the wall.


How does it look? My children adore it. They love it on their wall.



But the problem is, it keeps falling down! The washi tapes cannot seem to keep them on the wall. Is there any suggestion I can keep it up without hurting the wall?





I have forgotten how long I took to make this mini quilt. I just browsed through my instagram pictures and I am very surprised to have actually completed it 31 weeks ago! That's really long ago but it seems like just a few weeks back!

I love this very much because every stitch was filled with love and it has my favourite reproduction fabrics Naptime by Robert Kaufman (you can still get it here and here). The hexagons were english-paper-pieced. The white background fabric is, in fact, a lace eyelet. It gives a very soft and vintage feel. The green striped binding is by Tasha from alittlesweetness and it is the best choice ever. I handquilted it around the hexagon mosaic, not each individual hexagon, but I did choose four white background hexies to handquilt for a special feel. And no, I did not use a hoop for handquilting. I work better without hoop for smaller pieces.


The room looks so much better with something on the wall! Now I'm so tempted to make more mini quilts to fill this wall. I think my kids will not mind at all.

And I'm working on this too. Trying to use up all the leftover yarns is not easy.


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Claire -hearthandmadeuk said...

omg i love the patchwork! I've been looking through your blog and Im loving everything you have done! I hope to see some items in your shop soon ^_^

Jacqueline Strand said...

I love the hexie patchwork and the fabrics used. So glad you are posting again.

Johanna Javorniczky said...

Hi Wynn,
Love your little quilt.
I make little quilts as well and I like to display it on the wall changing them freqvently.
I like to use small amount of "BLU-TACK " in each corners and 3M removable hooks with sticky backing which comes off very easily without damaging the wall .
I hope this is a help for you.
With regards, Johanna