all these while...

... I have not stopped crafting. Most of the time, I sew or crochet late into the night when everyone in the family is sleeping. I enjoy the peace and calmness while listening to the tv (instead of watching). Sometimes, eating makes me relax because that's when my eating will not be interrupted and I can savor every bite and flavor.

These few months were not easy. Just when I thought of starting writing regular blogposts with my bursting ideas, something unexpected happened. My father-in-law fell very sick suddenly one day and nearly could not make it. We were in and out of the hospital daily for him. Days became really busy. I was tired out having to shuttle to and fro, cooking five meals a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner), driving kids to school, grocery shopping... How I wished I could escape for a day just to sleep! Thank God, he is recovering well and hopefully, he can be the same as before very soon.

And here is what I did to keep my sanity lately.




A Grandmother's Garden pinwheel blanket for myself. I used charm squares so the quilt top came together rather easily using chain piecing (despite all the trimmings which I sort of dislike). I love all the fabrics here. Very grandmotherly and vintagey. They are 1930s reproduction fabrics by Darlene Zimmerman (you can get it here, here, here and here). Now I just have to buy a nice soft cotton batting and handquilt it. Ops, did I say handquilt...?

A few other things I am working on too...





I hope to show you more photos when the projects are completed. If in any case, I need to excuse from blogging again, you can catch me on instagram (username: wynntan) which I do update more regularly.

Now I need my sleep for another busy day tomorrow. It's Friday, a day which I look forward to every week.

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Jolana said...

Your new blanket looks wonderful! I can´t wait to see the finished project :) And your another projects look very nice, especially the crochet circles.
Have a nice weekend, Jolana

Eva Martin said...

Love your quilt and proyects. I have similar fabrics to you :-)
and I love how your crochet circles are looking . . . I made my daughter a blanket with that same pattern and LOVE the result !!
What yarn are you using ?