granny square crochet blanket

This blanket. I nearly gave up making it.

Crochet blanket 1

It took me a whole long year to crochet every stitch and every square. Boy, how did I know crocheting is so much harder than I thought?

Handquilting a blanket usually takes me 3-6 months and so I thought crocheting might be an easier way out to make a blanket for my eldest boy. He has been so green with envy that his little sister and brother each has one patchwork quilt to keep them warm at night. But, he had to use an old fuzzy one that his grandma gave to him.

Poor boy. So this mommy promised to make him one using beautifully colored yarns. And she giggled to herself "YES, i only need two months at most to give him a surprise!"

Wrong. Wrong. She took a year!

The result was...

Crochet blanket 4

Very satisfying.

The colors are just as I visualized. Or maybe, more beautiful and cozy. The snuggly kind of feeling is undescribable.

Crochet blanket 5

For start, I spent a week watching youtube videos on how to crochet granny squares. It was really tough for a nutcase like me who knows nothing about crocheting. I wasted half a ball of yarn just to get a hang of it. But, when you begin to grasp the technique of crocheting, everything else comes so natural afterwards.

Crochet blanket 10

So each granny square is 7 rows (4mm hook) and took me about one hour each night to make one. There are 64 squares in total (only 64 and I needed a year...???).

Crochet blanket 9

Then I used "join as you go" technique to join the squares together. I love this part seriously!

The worst thing was, I ran out of the edging yarn so I tied and joined another similar (blue vs turquoise) colored yarn. A white border was added because something felt missing.

Then the final edging was tough. Because I couldn't decide on what is more appropriate for a boy. Not to flowery, not to squarish or boring.

So I "invented" my own.

Crochet blanket 3

Not too bad for a beginning right?

Now as I'm typing this post, there beside me is a boy who is sleeping so soundly snuggled up in his blanket made with so much love for him...

I think I'm ready to make another crochet blanket very soon.

ps: the blanket is made with a mixture of cotton baby and soya cotton yarn. Both from Sublime. You can get them here.

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Renee said...

This is beautiful! What a treasure!

Jolana said...

So lovely result!!!

erin said...

it's beautiful, Wynn!

Jacqueline said...

Considering you had to learn to make granny squares before starting the project, I think a year is not so long. I remember how long it took me to learn to crochet comfortably and read patterns. I commend you for your perseverance. The blanket is beautiful and does not look like a first project.

Dee Wrona said...

Any way I can get in depth instructions and pattern? I can do basic stitches, but basically have no idea what I'm doing. I bought some various colors of yarn off a lady that was moving, but none of them are enough to do anything individually with. This might be a good use for them. Thank you.

Mette said...

Lovely blanket!

contact said...

i came across your text. and I must say that I find the tutorial pretty educational. Even though, I think that that does not much so exactly help the manner with which it so helps the points outlinedhowever partially i can process their perspective So I'm happy it works as such. Regards..

Jasmin said...

I falls love the colors of this blanket! It is a beautiful work!