"cheater" patchwork yarn basket and some new fabrics

I had a crazy past two weeks. Sleepless nights to a teething baby, restless days to two preschoolers and no sewing at all. I almost pulled all my hair out of madness.

So, with my hands and mind dying to make something out of all the craziness, I pulled out a patchwork fabric (from Lecien) that had been lying around for many years. Oh yes, it is still as beautiful as before. And immediately, without template, I grabbed my scissors and cut up the fabric fast and furious. I wanted to make a small picnic basket with rounded base and handkerchief tie opening.

BUT, it turned out to be a total disaster. I promise you I almost wished to snip all the fabrics into pieces. The round base just wouldn't fit no matter what calculations I tried. And the triangular handkerchief ties did not fit as well. I wasted my precious one hour meddling and unpicking. It was the worst thing that could happen to me in sewing.

I gave up and tossed away the base and handkerchiefs out of mad frustrations.

And then, I sew this within the next half hour.

Yarn basket 1

Yarn basket 5

Yarn basket 9

Yarn basket 10

A basket for my yarn.

No handquilting or sewing for this because I was just too exhausted. I added a layer of fleece batting and "sew-in-ditch" the patchwork fabric. I did not add any wonder-under or any other interfacing to the gaia doll cotton tape. Just fold in the two sides and used zig-zag stitching. For the base, it's sandwiching the two sides then sew the base. When you flip over, you will get a square base.

And yes, I am a little happier now. No picnic basket but yarn basket.

Photo 1

And to cheer myself up for the crazy weeks, I went on a shopping spree for fabrics. It was a really crazy spree.

Briar rose

Kona solids

Briar rose is unexpectedly more beautiful than I thought. Frankly, I never really liked Heather Ross fabrics but when I saw all the beautiful projects in pinterest using briar rose, I caved in and bought this fat quarter set. Best decision ever. They are really pretty and whimsy. I already know what to make with this set!

Kona solids set is something I have been eyeing for quite a while. I'm in love with the colors. Both fabric sets are from Pink Castle Fabrics.

And this last set is my most favourite buy.

Old new hexies

And my first time ever buying more than two yards each. They are a real steal. I'm planning to make a lazy quilt. From Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop.

No more craziness now. And definitely no more sewing without template drawing from today.

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amy dunn said...

That bag is adorable!!!! I love the bottom too, so different. Did you use a pattern or is it your own design?

Kerry said...

It's funny when a pricy is driving you mad and then you have a little moment of clarity and end up making something wonderful- love your yarn bag!

Eunice said...

Hi babe! Do you sell these patchwork bag? It will make a nice bag to carry out with my kid! I'm really keen to purchase if you do! Your works are really sweet and pretty! Kindly email me thanks!

eva rose said...

What a nice bag! the bottom is very clever, adds structure and makes it hardwearing.
Your designs are beautiful, thank you for sharing

Deb in AZ said...

Sometimes when bottoms don't fit you can sew a baste stitch and gather a tiny bit. Baste stitch the piece that is too big then ease the two parts together.
Your finished patchwork bag is very cute! ;-)