Patchwork drawstring yarn pouch

For myself.

Whenever I am out, I'll bring a yarn ball or two with me even if it's just a short trip (all because I'm so way behind working my this blanket). It has become a habit. And usually, I just toss them into my big granny bag together with my hook. Nothing to contain them . Just throw in and let it mess up or tangle up in the bag.

Now I'm tired of wasting time to detangle them or feeling frustrated if they are dirtied by the food I always chuck inside my bag.

So I made myself this pouch with my favorite floral fabrics. All the same prints but in different colors.

Yarn pouch 8

I'm so in love with it. The patchwork, lace and linen too.

Yarn pouch 2

This patchwork was easy to make. I cut 3cm wide strips then I pieced them together. Then I turned the stripy patchwork around to cut 3cm strips again before alternating them and pieced again. I added pleats to the bottom for more space inside the pouch and also rounded the corners using a plate as template.

Yarn pouch 5

There is a layer of thin fleece in between for a cushiony soft feel that I like.

I wanted to handquilt it but I was too anxious to get it done. So, stitch-in-ditch was the fastest way out. The quilting is not perfect. A little wonky because I was rushing while hearing my children screaming for me.

But, it somehow turned out to look like a zakka sewing thing.

Yarn pouch 6

The pouch looks small but hey, it can fit two yarn balls to my surprise!

Yarn pouch 4

Now my big slouchy granny bag is thankful for me that I'm not crazily digging it again.

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Eva Martin said...

Sooo adorable, and do also have all those prints, I love them too !!
Just beautiful !!

Erin said...

so pretty!

Silvana ( aka silort on flickr) said...

Amazing! Who have designed these prints?

Jolana said...

Lovely!!!! Your drawstring bag looks really so soft and cute :)