dresden plates

That day I made one dresden plate.

Dresden 1

Dresden 1 close up

And it is so pretty I had to make another one today.

Dresden 2

Dresden 2 close up

And I may prefer the second one actually.

Both dresdens are machine-pieced, not paper-pieced. Only the centre circle is handsewn on. Natural linen back with a layer of cotton batting between.

I had been wanting to try using the machine for sewing dresdens all these while. One reason is that I'm a little tired of English paper piecing (my hexagons). And also, machine piecing gives me the thrill to get things done fast (before my kids scream and fight).

I'm very happy with the dresdens to be frank! They are not perfect but I love them! They were completed within about an hour each. Of course, it was achieved only when the essentials are done and laid out like the cutting of fabric and hot iron. Yes, again this time I used lace eyelet for the centre piece. Don't ask me why but I just couldn't find anything else more suitable.

Dresden two

Dresden trwo close up

They look pretty as wall decorations too, don't they? :)

What a crazy week we had! I'm grateful my mum popped over to help with kids for a couple of nights. She gave me time to sew and read. But then she saw these dresdens and has "ordered" me to make a mini quilt for her to put up the wall in my maiden home. Oh well.

Now guess I really have to do paper-piecing for the dresdens....

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erin said...

Beautiful, Wynn!

eileensideways said...

so cute, i love the fabric. dresdens appear to be making a comeback.