small quilt and the craziness

This quilt top has been lying around for a few months. No batting to sandwich, no suitable backing and binding. I was desperate to handquilt it.

Then I went crazy shopping for fleece and backing fabric that day.

Photo 3

Photo 2

And I bought a very expensive cotton batting. It's USD20 per yard. So much more costly than Warm & Natural. I must be really crazy. The salesgirl said many many many Japanese love using this. It's soft and lofty. Great for babies and cuddles. Ok, I chose to believe her and grabbed a yard and half. Was I thinking straight...?

When I came home, I was so devastated to find my backing fabric is short of just a few inches from my quilt top! How can this happen! I had no choice but to mess up my fabric cupboard to find something to help. I was almost crying. And I found this.

Photo 1

Yes, I have been using lace eyelet alot in my projects recently. Why didn't I think of that? Now I'm happy.

And not long after, to calm myself and make me feel a little better, I started making something else.


I shouldn't have started it. I still have a hundred and one things to do. But it makes me feel really happier.

And, I treated myself with coffee, homebaked muffin (it's really heavenly good, trust me for once) and the newest IKEA catalogue too!


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Jessie @ Messyjesse said...

Glad it all worked out well for you Wynn! Looking forward to seeing the final result :) I'm sure you will be very happy with the costly batting, it will be very warm and snugly :) xo