logcabin patchwork pouches

I am very happy to have pockets of time yesterday to finish off these pouches.


Interior floral

Pouch interior dots


Pouch 1

Pouch 2

They are great to make to use up your small scraps. I do have alot of scraps. Some really tiny small pieces which I do not have the heart to throw. Recently, I have a liking to use lace and dollies for sewing. And floral as interior lining.

The pouches are going into the shop soon.

The days have been gloomy these days. It can rain the whole day and flash floods do occur sometimes. The kids are having a week long holiday and hopefully, we can have some fun outings.

I'm still working on the this granny square crochet blanket for my eldest son. I still have a month or so to complete it for his birthday. I have been spending late nights making it but I'm very slow in crocheting!


I picked up crocheting just for him. It was very tough in the beginning and you see how I watched the video tutorials over and over again for a week! Pausing and rewinding and listening and trying. I wasted a ball of yarn. And darn, yarns are very expensive here. How many balls of yarn did I exactly used...?? Oh well.

If you would wish more pictures on my WIPs, hop over to my instagram! I do a little more updates over there.

p/s: sorry for the poor quality pictures. They are taken with iPhone5 for convenience and only edited for brightness (darn the overcast skies).

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Kate said...

Love your blanket! I just made a bunch of squares but I'm not sure how to join them? I would like a white border between the squares - did you out the border on each square or is that how you joined them a?

zakkaArt said...

Hi Kate! Thank you! I used Attic24's join as you go method to make the blanket. http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/joining-asyougo-sqaures.html Hope it helps!