welcome and please come back often

Welcome to my new blog. I am very glad to start blogging afresh over here. It's a big jump for me to change to typepad because, it needs subscription fee and that means I have to give up my other sites to pay for this. But it's a good motivation because I will have to write often to make my fee all worthwhile.

Over the years I have been blogging inconsistently and I really feel bad about it. I tried to write but putting the family in order took up most of my time. We are blessed to have kids coming one after another but that also means, I was losing on my personal time to do the things I love.

Everyday I would read up on other blogs and admire the sewing and crochet crafts. And it actually made me feel sad for not being able to find time to sew or crochet or even blogging. Why other mothers can continue with their favorite past time and yet take such good care of their families, and not me?

I am sorry for promising to do tutorials and custom orders but failed to do so all these years. It makes me feel really bad to make such empty promises which I did not mean to break in the first place. I just could not find the time. I am truly sorry.

Until two weeks ago, a thought came to me. It's time for me to start doing something I have so much passion for. Something that drives me to wake up a little earlier or sleep a little later just to get it done. I'm happy to have instagram and flickr to keep me going for a while for the past few years. Now I wish to start this craft blog again to share my sewing and little bits of my life.

I hope you will come back often and see what I have for you...xxx

p/s: all previous posts are migrated from blogger.

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Eva said...

I know that feeling! Welcome back :)

Pratima said...

Hi, wish you all the very best on your new journey! A fresh start is always refreshing and motivating :)

kerry said...

Wishing you the best with your new start!

Nat Donnelly said...

you're not the only one who blogs inconsistently, wants to do custom orders or even fit in making something to add to your store - i'm just the same. family always has to come first, no need for apologies

Kylie said...

Looking forward to seeing what you make, Wynn. You are not alone. My blog is very neglected because I just can't seem to keep up with it as well as the kids and finding time to actually make things! I hope I can make a fresh start too someday :)

Amy @ chick chick sewing said...

Welcome back, Wynn! I love the new look of your blog! I know how difficult it is to find time to craft (or for anything for ourselves) when we're raising a family. I think what it matters the most is to maintain the passion of what we love to do despite our crazy schedule, and you're doing just great! I have always adored your sweetest handmade creations... Keep up the wonderful work!! With love from California, xoxo