Little Geese Satchel

Now that I am clearing up pictures in my computer (so so so messy!), I found many photos of pretty stuff I sew a while back before moving to Thailand. One of the things I made was the Little Geese Satchel. Boy, I tell you, it was so much enjoyment making this amidst all the craziness packing up for moving! I remembered locking myself up in the bedroom for two days just to sew this satchel in peace while watching my favourite Korean drama.

My dear friend, Kristyne from Pretty by Hand, was very kind to send me this pattern quite some time ago. I mean, a long long time ago. You know she writes amazing patterns that are clear and straightforward? I don't have a good sense of analysis so it helps a lot when the instructions are easy to understand. This is the second pattern from her that I tried. The first one is this.

I used sweet Tasha Noel's Vintage Market fabrics from Riley Blake Designs to make the satchel. I think the fabrics and pattern fit perfectly together. The prints make the satchel look really nice and adorable.

My first time sewing flying geese using Kristine's method in her pattern. I usually handsew so I'm very happy to learn a new and much faster way to sew the "geese" together.

I added a few of my favourite embellishments like doily, lace and fabric tag.

My daughter has claimed it as her art bag once I finished sewing it. Inside she puts her sketchbook, colour pencils, stationery box and brings it everywhere. It's just the right size for her and she loves it so much! xx

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