#handsewpatchwork Block 14: House

"Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."

~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

I have been wanting to make a mini quilt with houses for so long but I never did. Now I'm regretting that I haven't done it earlier! The house patchwork is so easy so simple so pretty to handsew.


After using so many colours for the previous blocks, I decided to just use brown this time for a brick house.

Let's get started!

**Note: The instructions are very short for this block because they are so straightforward. Just sewing from end-to-end! And pressing the seams towards the dark fabrics.

Download Template 14 House


++Remember that the slanted templates are mirror images! So you have to flip your templates when drawing onto the fabric.


Arrange the templates and if it's ok, leave them in place so it's easier to visualise. Group them in groups of A, B and C.


Start sewing from group A. Sew the chimneys and background fabrics.


Next sew group B, the roof.





Then sew group C. For this group, we sew the door first. Then sew the window.


Now sew the three groups together!


That's it! You have a beautiful house!xxx

^^For cross referencing if you have the book, this patchwork block is at page 133.

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