#handsewpatchwork Block 13: Rose of Sharing

There are many things I love and dislike about this block.


Love because:

- it gives me so much satisfaction after completing it.

- the beautiful joyful colours.

- the eyelet lace I chose (because there's no other low volume fabric suitable enough)

- old technique (appliqué) I'm picking up again.

- it trains my patience to another higher level.

Dislike because:

- I wasted a whole afternoon just unpicking and appliquéing again and again. I'm a perfectionist.

Maybe just one dislike. So means I love this block actually.

I think you will love it too. It's just so pretty.

Download Template 13 Rose of Sharing

THere's only one template to cut out and it's the petal. Choose eight beautiful fabrics for the petals. I used the template method to save time and hassle. However, I trimmed my seam allowance to 0.7cm to accommodate the curves for appliquéing later.


Important: See the two pencil marks on the paper template? They are points where the curves meet. You need to transfer them onto the fabric too because that will be where to stop sewing. It's end-to-point (tip-to-curve) sewing for all petals for this block.


Arrange the petals to your liking in groups of two. There will be four groups. Sew two petals together in each group from end-to-point. Press seams in the same direction.


Join the two upper groups together then followed by the lower ones from end-to-point. Press seams in the same direction too.



Sew the upper and lower groups together by pin matching the centre first. Sew from point-to-point. Remember to backstitch at the centre.


Choose a background fabric. Use one of your blocks as a template. The background fabric must be slightly bigger for trimming/squaring up later.


You may print another paper template and cut out the shape of the rose. Place on top of the background fabric and trace. I used half of the leftover template to trace so I didn't have to print again.



Find the centre and pin the rose in place. Now you are ready to appliqué.

I have mentioned before there are many ways to appliqué. You can use freezer paper or starch technique or whichever way you are most comfortable with. I always use the traditional appliqué method because it works well for me.




This is how I appliqué. My fingers are great help. I use my pointer finger to turn in the seams while I sew. You may give a few snips at the seam allowances like what I did for easy folding.


Here's your completed patchwork rose appliqué.



When you are done with the appliqué, turn over the block and carefully trim away the centre of the background fabric. This is to reduce bulk of the block. Leave 1/4" or 0.7cm seam allowance. Be careful not to cut your patchwork rose!


Lastly, take one of the blocks as guide and trim away/square up the sides.


That's it! Rose of sharing is ready for you to share and admire.xxx

^^For cross referencing if you have the book, this patchwork block is at page 37.

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