Ribbon mini wall hanging quilt with yo-yos

Yoyos are my favourite. They are easy to sew and therapeutic too. Especially when you need some peaceful moments to yourself.

I needed something pretty to occupy the empty space on the wall today. Something nice to look at. So I took out the ribbon block (from #handsewpatchwork sew-a-long) which I have been working on. My initial plan was to make a coaster for my mug. But then, I decided that it should be on the wall instead. With my yo-yos.






Everything is hand sewn from the patchwork to the quilting to the binding and the yo-yos. The yoyo border, so much work but so much fun. Sew two sets of five yo-yos together first then sew the rows to the two opposite side of the patchwork block. Then sew another two sets of seven yo-yos and attach them to the other two sides. Just remember to hide the knots when you are sewing.


And of course, I have to (it's a must) chose a pretty back fabric even though it faces the wall. A pretty backing makes me happy.


I'm so in love with this thing on the wall.

ps: I used Clover yoyo maker (small size) to make the yo-yos. It is a fantastic tool if you wish to have.

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Kim said...

This is adorable,,I haven't made yo-yo's in a while! Will have to make up some, thank you for sharing this!:)