#handsewpatchwork Block 6: Ribbon

This week's block is another easy one that's fast to sew. It's pretty Ribbon! I took about the same time to sew this as the Bow-Tie block. Because I have received many mails saying that the previous block Basket is a little more difficult to make especially the hand appliqué part. So this week, I decided an easier block so that everyone can have more time to catch up.

If you are struggling with the basket block, make this ribbon block first to make yourself feel better!


<If you do have any questions about hand sewing or any blocks, please feel free to drop me a mail. I will try my best to answer your doubts.>

Before we start, I'll answer two questions:

Q: How do we know how to fold the seams?

A: As a rule of thumb, always fold the seam towards the darker fabric. Usually, we will use a darker fabric to make the object and lighter fabric for the background. By folding towards the darker fabric, you are also making the object "pop out". It makes the block look better!

Q: My hand appliqué looks unnatural, tight and irregular or distorted. What did I do wrong?

A: There's no need to stretch or pull the fabric while pinning. Just guide the fabric naturally to pin in place. And sew part by part because it's impossible to pin all the way then sew nicely. But for needle turn, you can pin halfway or all the way. And remember to snip the curves because it really helps your sewing.

For this Ribbon block, the measurements of the template I've drawn is slightly different from the book. I'm still not so good at using TouchDraw (yes, I use this app).


Download Template 6 Ribbon


Cut out the templates and fabrics. Remember for number 2 and 4, there will be mirror images. To be sure before you cut the fabrics, it's good to lay out the pieces to clearer idea.


First, we sew the upper part of the ribbon. Pin number 2 to number 3 and sew from end-to-point (because we'll be sewing Y-seam later) as pictured. Sew the the mirror image number 2 to the other side of the square. Fold seams inwards towards the square.




Next, you will sew Y-seams by sewing number 1 to the already-pieced ribbon part above. Start sewing from end-to-point, then point-to-point, then point-to-end again. Fold seams downwards.


Now, we will sew the lower part of the ribbon. This part is really straightforward. It's all sewing from end-to-end! So piece the two groups of two triangles together first. Fold the seams towards the darker fabric or the ribbon.


Then sew number 5 to the the previous pieced triangles. Fold the seams outwards.



Lastly, pin and sew the upper and lower parts of the ribbon together. You will be sewing through layers of fabric.


And that's it! You have a pretty ribbon block now!xxx

^^For cross referencing if you have the book, this patchwork block is at page 194.

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eva said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful blocks. I am no good at hand sewing but will attempt them at the machine. I love the fabrics that you use- they are so delicate and pretty.

Bits of Stitching said...

What a lovely and delicate looking block! I may try this one soon :-), thanks!
Wondering... why in pictures 4 and 6 the stitching begins (or ends) outside the marked sewing line? I noticed this in some of my Japanese Patchwork books but I can't read Japanese so I always wonder about this.

Silvana ( aka silort on flickr) said...

This is jst gorgeous!!!?

karen woodhull said...

Adorable block, thank you!