#handsewpatchwork Block 4: Heart

Here is block 4 of our #handsewpatchwork sew-a-long! It's Heart. Have I been making too many heart-shaped sewing lately...?


I have received a few mails saying that some of you are experiencing problems dealing with the Y-seam in the last block. It's actually really very straight forward! It goes like this: pin and sew one side (remember to backstitch at last stitch), unpin then shift your fabric to the other side, pin then sew again.

To make my explanation clearer, I did another short to demonstrate. I hope it will answer some of your doubts.


For this block, we will be practicing Y-seam again while we wait for others to catch up (yes I hear you from the mails!).

Let's get started now.

Download Template 4 Heart

I have numbered the templates this time (and will do so for subsequent blocks) to be cut out for easier identification.



Trace your templates on your chosen fabrics. Remember that it's mirror images for the heart template. So you have to flip your template number 2 during tracing for this step.



We will sew the heart shape first. Pin and sew (from the tip) from end-to-point.


Press the seam towards darker fabric.



Now we sew the Y-seam at the top of the heart. Pin one side first and sew from end-to-point. Remember to backstitch at the last stitch.



Unpin, shift the fabric to the other side, pin and sew again from point-to-end.


This is how the Y-seam should look like.


Press the seams of the Y-seam down like this.



Lastly, sew all the triangular corners from end-to-end.

For the second bigger triangle (template number 3) that you are sewing, you may encounter sewing many fabrics together. It's thicker but do not worry. Just continue to sew to secure the seam on the opposite side as well.


Fold all the seams inwards and ta-daa!


I think this block is pretty easy and yes, cute too isn't it? I simply love sewing it.

Did I just say the next block will be a little challenging...? xxx

^^For cross referencing if you have the book, this patchwork block is at page 127.

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Kim said...

Never too many hearts!!! I love all things "Heart". Can't wait to get started on this one, your's is so pretty.

karen woodhull said...

Very pretty! Thank you.