somethings to share

My sewing machine broke down last week. I was very sad and lost. Very sad. But... I kept myself busy with this project...

... all the handsewing has made me happy again. It's a very nice project. Can't wait to show you but I have to do a write up with pretty pictures first.

While my sewing machine is in the repair shop, I reorganised my fabric stash again. And, these are all what I have. Hubby always say I have way too many fabric but he has not seen other crafters' stash.... I think he will freak out when he does! I don't have many fabric actually and all my projects are worked around the fabrics above.

This is something I wish to share. Very beautiful floral paintings by very talented people. If you can, please do buy and encourage these special artists. I love these cards alot. And they are bought with a sincere and kind heart by my sweetest husband. <3

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I'll bring my sewing machine back finally. How I miss her.

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