Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long (1)

I know I'm seriously lagging behind in this quilt-a-long but I'm trying hard to catch up. Perhaps I need to sit in front of my sewing machine for 24 hours a day and for a week before I can catch up.

This is the first ever block I made! It is the easiest block in my opinion.

My 2nd block and I love it alot! All my favourite fabric in yellow, orange, red and green. Florals and polka dots.

My 3rd block with yummy strawberries and "chocolate chips".

4th block. This block nearly killed me! Had a difficult time trying to align the small squares to the big one. But I like how it turned out. Nice.

Most fabric used are by Atsuko Matsuyama. Yes, again!

So, I only did four blocks out of 111. The rest of my group mates have done more than 20...?

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Michele O said...

Your blocks are wonderful!!

love willow said...

Wynn, they are beautiful. I love them all.