Patchwork coaster: Tutorial

Thank you for your mails for liking the patchwork coasters I sewed previously. Some of you asked how I did it. So I did a simple tutorial on this.

 1. Cut nine squares from your chosen fabric. Any size is ok. I cut mine 2.5" x 2.5". Lay out your desired arrangement.

2. Sew the squares row by row. After which, sew the rows together. Remember to align and pin carefully.

3. Now you get a nine-squares patchwork block. Press the seams open.

4. Turn over and place your block on a batting. I usually cut my batting a little larger than my block since quilting may pull and shrink the batting.

5. Quilting time (means sewing the block onto the batting). You can choose to sew in any way you like. Cross, diagonal, free motion... so long as the block and batting are sewed together. Here, I use stitch-in-the-ditch method.

6. Next, use a round object to outline the shape of your coaster. the object can be of any size, depending on how big you want your coaster to be. I use a bowl which happen to fit just perfectly.

7. Hooray! you are almost there! Now, choose a fabric for the backing and use the same object to trace and cut the shape out. you can choose to embellish your coaster at this point. Lace, buttons....

8. This step is optional. I added lace for my previous coasters for hanging purpose. For this coaster, I chose to use grosgrain instead. Cut 6 cm and fold into half and pin as in picture.

9. Place the backing and the block with RIGHT sides facing and pin. Sew 1 cm seam allowance around the coaster, leaving a 5 cm gap (between first and last stitch). The gap is for you to turn the coaster inside out.

10. Almost there...! Now snip around the coasters for easy turning out.

11. Hand-sew to close the opening of the gap (I use ladder stitch)before top-stitching around the coaster. A

And, ta-daa! your coaster is completed!^_^

Easy project right? Make for your family and friends as gifts, wedding favors, or just for your own home!

Note: You may use this tutorial to make coasters to sell. But... please add a credit to zakkaArt! Thank you!

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Teresa said...

Pretty colourful material and thanks for the tutorial.

Beverly said...

I love this. I want to make a set in Japanese Christmas fabric.