a happy post

Our day didn't start off good. But it ended off with everyone happy. It's a blessing I should treasure.

The beautiful bougainvillas around my housing estate. It's summer time and they are blooming so so pretty everywhere.

The kids planted red beans to learn about plant life. Look at how beautiful the leaves are. And the way they grow in every direction.

The cupcakes I baked for our family gathering last weekend. It was a tad too sweet for us. Even the kids said so.

This is what I wanted to show you all! Sewing something for my little Chilli. She has been bugging me everyday and I can't wait to finish sewing it this week. Can you guess what is it? ^_^

Yippee! My book is finally here! Waited for the longest time (or maybe I just cannot wait to start sewing the blocks!) and I was so thrilled to see it in my mailbox that day! *see my grinning face*


My boy's drawing of me. His happy mommy with a smiling face and waving hands saying "Hi!". He drew me three buttons on my dress. Very sweet of my little sweet boy. He has been drawing so much lately with alot of imagination and creativity.

It's a happy post with lots pictures. Yes, today is really a happy day. 

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