Busy like a bee

I'm not as hardworking as a bee, of course. But, I'm busy like one. occupied with kids (the usual) & sewing!
First, I want to share with you something I made for myself.^___^

My 1st ever pin cushion! Haha. I know it may sound ridiculous... But I never had a pin cushion for as long as I'm sewing. Everytime after sewing, I just "dump" all my pins in the box so I never saw a need to make one. But now, I know the joy of having your very own pin cushion! I feel so happy just by looking at it everyday!

Here is my pin cushion "at work".=P

I have been making a few things for the shop.But I cannot find time to log in to list. When the kids sleep at night, I already feel exhausted!

Here is one of the items I made.
Flex frame no-zip pouch - happy patch

I'm lousy at giving nice names to my creations. Maybe I should read up the theasaurus more often.

Will try blog more often since I have so many pics to show!

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PY said...

Your pincushion is cute and lovely. The pouch is very pretty too !

Fiona said...

i love your pincushion! simple and sweet.