Tired me + Giveaway Winners!

Resumed teaching job this week and it was hell tiring for me... and everyone else! Our routine was upsetted. And babyY is having a bad time adjusting. How I wish I could just resign and go!

Anyway, I'm really quitting teaching to stay at home for the kids. And I love the idea of being with them all day. I know I sound crazy but it's true!

Now now now, here comes the giveaway winners!

Well, I thought of doing the hardworking way to write down all participants' nick names and draw them by hand. But it really proved to be hard work! And zy messed up all the papers on the floor after picking out the winners! He refused to take pictures too! Argh!

So... the winners are:

Parcel 1: chihuahua1995

Parcel 2: highwaycottage

Parcel 3: chick chick sewing

Congrats and Thank you so much for all your comments! I love reading every comment and I read all of them twice!^_^

p/s: A new giveaway (yes, again!) in conjunction with Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway week is coming soon!

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chick chick sewing said...

OMG I cant believe I won!! Ive never ever won a giveaway in my whole life and Im super excited to receive your package!! Thanks a bunch for your time and generosity, Wynn!!!

XUE said...

No, not crazy. I truly understand as I love being at home with my kids too although they are no longer so young (like yours).