Giveaway time!

Yeah! For this giveaway, I will be sending 3 parcels to 3 lucky readers.

1st parcel: Shinzi Katoh Mon Peluche small carry-bag + surprise goodies

2nd parcel: 4 fabric stash + a small bag of sewing notions + surprise goodies
3rd parcel: 3 fabric stash + a small bag of buttons + surprise goodies
Just leave a comment in this post and let me know which parcel you would like to have. Pls tell me a little about yourself too so we can get to know each other!
Giveaway will end on Apr 30!^_^

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sheryan said...

Wow Wynn you're having a giveaway! Of course I must participate! If I were to win, I would pick the 1st parcel which has the Shinzi Katoh Mon Peluche small carry-bag + surprise goodies, because I like bunnys and the bunny on the carry bag is super cute! I can store all of my embroidery threads inside there as well as my yarn needles and all my other small things (:

hehe as for a little about myself. I stay up really late at night creating a bunch of cute little toys in hopes that they will make someone happy (: hehe. I'm also a big fan of the things you make :D

I wish good luck to everyone who will participate :D Giveaways are always fun :D

Mueee said...

I would love to win package 3!!! The package which consists of fabrics, sewing notions and buttons, will be very useful for a beginner in sewing, like me. Thank you very much for organising the giveaway! :)

Anonymous said...

What a generos giveaway! I would love to win #2 because I alays always need more sewing notions!

fuuf said...

hi, i really like your stuff. i'd like to win no3, i could use it for my art:

bu&bau said...

Hi Wynn,
This is such a generous giveaway. And so dificult to choose only one parcel :) I'd go for #2 or #1.
I'm Ana, from Portugal.
I'm so addicted to fabric and I love having diferent fabrics from diferent countries.
I love to sew and making wallets and softies is something that relaxes me.
Stop by my blog, to know me a little more.

Wendy said...

Hi Wynn,

I would like parcel 2! Its so nice to see you pretty lovely daughter!

Love Wendy

Sardana said...

Hi Wynn! Thank you for the great giveaway! I'd love to win prize #1 as I so, so, so adore Shinzi Katoh!
I'll soon have a giveaway as well, stay tuned :)

Ruth said...


I'd love package 2! I've just got a fabric craze and the thought of having fabric on hand is kind of thrilling me to bits.

as for bits about me... hmm. erhmm, a harrassed mother of 2. heh. hope you are coping better than I am!

Amaranta said...

OH!!!! I love the bag so much!!! that bunny is so cute!!!

I am going to blog about your giveaway, ok?

Thank you so much,
I really hope I win that bag! and the goodies sound nice!

Amaranta said...

Oh sorry, and about me... well I love to blog, I am Mexican and right now I can't work (because I don't want to be an illegal cliche)... and in my blog a post links to many giveaways and things that I love... you might like it, last post was about Mr. Clement and today's will be about Miffy.
escuishi (at)

Digital Misfit said...

Wonderful giveaway goodies!
I would choose the 4-fabric parcel because I love the vivid colors, but all 3 parcels are wonderful!

A bit about me: I am a 34yr old single Canadian woman with a crafty attention deficit disorder -- I am always working on at least 4 completely unrelated projects (ie: embroidery, mixed media art, dollmaking, art cards).


Paula L. said...

Hi! I'm Paula and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. In my little spare time I love to sew.
I would love to win the 2nd parcel.
Thanks for the great giveaway!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

Kimberly Marquez said...

Hi! I would like to win #2! I can always use more fabric and sewing notions!

I'm Kimberly from California, which has been rainy for the past couple days! I am unemployed since August and since then have started my own little business on Etsy. I am trying hard to make it work and love what I do!


chick chick sewing said...

Hi, Wynn! I'm amy of chick chick sewing from Southern California. I'd love to go for package #3, please!!

I'm a mom of two girls who's addicted to crafts, mainly sewing, crocheting, eraser stamp carving... and more!

Thanks for having this giveaway for us :)

candice said...

Thank you for your giveaway...

Whatever you are giving, I'm fine with any of the 3 gifts... I'm a novice crafter and have just started to sew a couple of small pouches for my daughters who thinks my pouches are pretty neat... if I look at yours and mine, I figure I have a long way to go and need to be much much more creative with my craft by playing around with the fabrics and accessories and certainly be more adventurous enough to try new things !

Creative B Bee said...

Hi! Wow wow! So lovely giveaway package! I would love to win the 1st parcel.

I am a mother of 3 (2 boys and 1 girl)staying in Singapore same as you.

Rocky O said...

Hello Wynn! :) This is Rocky.. I'm a fellow BESTeam member, but I think you mentioned that you wanted to be removed from the group? I'm not sure if you're still in it, but I like to help tweet about you sometimes on Twitter ;) I love your creations and the things you share on your blog and twitter! :D It's neat to hear about how much you quilt, and when you are quilting (I live in the states, so when I'm waking up, I see that you're getting ready to sleep) hehehe

As for the parcel I'd pick... I'm not sure which one I'd pick, to be honest. But since I have to, I'll choose #2 parcel, since the number 2 is one of my favorites :)

Keep creating, and hopefully we'll get to know each other through blogging and tweeting :)

Janet Chin said...

Hello Wynn!

I'd like to win parcel #1.If I win,I wanna give the bag to my daughter who will turn 2 this Sunday.However,I love fabric stash too!Nowadays,I love creating toys for my girl and I'm happy to see her playing! :P

Anonymous said...

Wynn, lovely to see that even if you are enjoying playing with BabyY you are still finding the time to blog and share gorgeous pictures of her with us. What a darling. Enjoy every moment!

I'd be happy with any parcel, they all sound great!

I love to make quilts, quilts and more quilts. I have 4 children, ages 19,14, 12 and 3.

elena said...

Hi Wynn!
What a wonderful giveaway, you're very generous. Difficult to choose one set, all are lovely. I think I would prefer number 2.
MY name is Elena and I live in Barcelona. I like very much to make quilts for friends and family and little wallets and purses.I'm newbie to this sewing world and I need to learn a lot yet. Love cats!!
Thanks for a great giveway :D

leooh said...

hihi wyn

really nice of you to have a giveaway;-)i'd love to win #1 because my daughter loves red and rabbits,hehe

i'm a mother of 2 like you, a teacher like you, and hope to be able to sew like you;-)i'm addicted to bags, and shopping on etsy...thats all!


nekoneko said...

OHhhh yeah...freeee choice? so difficult but package 3 will be most helpful with my start of an etsy store!

I love your website and all things made.

I'm just starting out (although my age exceeds the speed limit) my etsy store and my blog is still under construction ... sooo much work! but loads of fun.

jean said...

Hi Wynn, thank you very much for your generousity... I am a mum of 2 (a girl 6yo and a boy 19mo). I started sewing around a yr ago also self taught since I can't go anywhere to learn with two following me everywhere :-)

A singaporean enjoys sewing, patchworking, crocheting and knitting.....

I love to have package 2.. thanks again.


yelhsa said...

wld lve to have the fabrics... all the materials are so great and nice..

starting to sew littles things for nieces.. jus starting in luv with sewing..

hope I have luck to recd your giveaway...

chihuahua1995 said...

If I win, I'd like the 1st parcel: Shinzi Katoh Mon Peluche small carry-bag + surprise goodies, but I like the other two as well :D

My name is Anita and I live in Germany. I love designing clothes and I always look for outstanding and new fashion on the internet. I'd love to made it as a fashion designer someday, it would be a dream. So I decided to get more intwo sewing, too, because its something I never tried before and I really want to get better at, and somehow I got to your website (:

I dont have a blog, but a twitter:

best greetings~

Paloma said...

Hi Wynn! thanks for letting me know about your giveaway. Everything is so pretty, but the parcel I like the best is the Shinzi Katoh one. It's so cute!!

mommysam said...

Hi Wynn,

I liked 2nd parcel. Will use the fabric to motivate me to pick up sewing:p

I am a Mother of 2 kids. Love Giveaways and admire handmade stuffs.


P.S.: You got my mail?

lesleyandsara said...

i would love #1. i have a 2 year old who loves sunglasses and purses! i am a mom of 3 who loves to sew! i love zakka and pretty much all things japanese. most of all, i love being part of this wonderfully diverse online community of sewers and crafters! great giveaway!

NotYetTheDodo2 said...

You are a very generous blogger and give-away'er! Thank you for thinking of all of us!
I'd love parcel 2, but really I could use all of them... :-) I am always, always open to fabric and notions of all sorts....

Pinka said...

My name is Tina. I am a stay at home mom. I sew and craft on my free time and sell them on (Bags) and (Accessories). I also partnered with LePetitPoussin (Kids Clothing) and Monostylez (Green Clothing). I love love love to meet people who sew and craft. Super generous giveaway! I will Buzz, Twit, and Facebook you for putting this together. I would love to win #2; you know sewing notions are never enough for someone who sew and craft. Thank you so much! Cheers!

Rachel said...

If was going to win I would pick the Shinzi Katoh Mon Peluche small carry-bag, that bunny is tooo cute!

~Lisa~ said...

I love the little bunny carry bag. So cute - that would be my first choice! I am a 42 year old stay at home mom who loves to scrapbook, has a sewing machine that hasn't been touched, and love to read!

Vivian said...

I would like to win the first parcel as the bag is really cute!

About myself: I love animals and have a cat.

vivafire at gmail dot com

Patricia said...

Hello!!! I have just discovered your blog, and I´m becoming a follower NOW! I also love crafts and all things japanese, have two little girls and I´m always on the search for doing things for/with them!
I´m in Argentina so please if this is international count me in for the giveaway, I love the first parcel most but all of them are great so I leave it up to you if I get lucky!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to win the second or third parcel as sewing items are always great to receive. I think new fabrics are the perfect inspiration.

I'm a twenty-something German student and I just recently discovered the whole world of craft blogs. It's rather fun :)

guurrrl said...

I would love to win parcel number three! I have recently fallen in love with buttons and I've been using them in lots of my projects.

:D Tee-hee I love all things crafty. Lately I've been spending lots of time sewing, polymer clay crafts, and digital photography. I am obsessed with Japanese fabrics. (I'm half Japanese, my dad was adopted from Japan). I started a 365 Day challenge to create something new every day for a year. :) I would def. use this prize to create something for the challenge!

SUPER giveaway!!!
guurrrl (at) gmail (dot) com

very married said...


I love the fabrics in the second parcel. I used to sew all the time but now I only do it from time to time. I wish I were still involved!

ohhhfire said...

i would love to win parcel #1 because the bag is super cute and i love getting surprizes!
im a 23 year old mom of an adorable 2 year old named atticus and i enjoy being a stay at home mommy

Anonymous said...

i'd want parcel #2!

i've wanted to learn how to sew for a long long time. i'm trying to make it my summer project :)

angela_jeon at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi I would pick the first parcel, its so cute! I am a mom of two, love crafts, chocolate and blogs!


Annika said...

I'd love the 2nd parcel, I've been sewing alot lately, and I'm running out of fabric and these look fabolous :)

Ashley said...

AWESOME! I love them all but would probably choose the 1st parcel. I'm always looking for cute things 2 store my crafts in. I'm also trying to teach myself how to sew! I also paint canvas for children.
I have 2 girls and love making them smile and the special needs children and i work teach!
Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like the first parcel, please. I have MORE than enough notions/buttons/etc. and don't need a fight with my husband!

About me...hmmm...I swam 300 yards this morning, that's a big accomplishment!

Thanks for the chance to win!


ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

Angie said...

I'd love to win Package #1...The bunny on the bag is so cute and my daughter ADORES bunnies!

rennieangie at gmail dot com

Atypical Girl said...

I would love to win any of the parcels, but #2 is prob my fave!

artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

Kelly C said...

I'd love the four fabric stash. I am about to make my first quilt and am very excited about having different fabrics to use!

mondocurio at gmail dot com

julia said...

Oh my, so hard to choose! I think maybe I would like to win #2, with 4 fabrics, because I really like the looks of the bottom blue with pink flowers.. but really I'd be thrilled with any of them, especially the surprise goodies!
I'm Canadian, I love collecting craft supplies as much as I do using them, and I'm laying in wait for the day I have my own house and can go crazy refinishing and gardening.


daunfamily said...

I want the third parcel! I live in Hawaii with three little boys!

Cassie said...

I'd love the first parcel for all my things!

Jolee said...

Would love any...sound sweet. But if I had to choose, #2. Thanks!

Martha said...

they all sound great... but if I had to pick, I would say 1st parcel. I'm a SAHM of a little girl whos bday if April 30.
so I'm trying to plan a bday party. but we wanted to do it outside, but not they are saying it's going to rain. so still need to figure out how to make it still good for her.

sturberry said...

Such a cute giveaway!!!
I would choose the 1st parcel :)
Number One is always the best ! hahaa
Thank you for this chance to win ~

sturberry @

Peach Rainbow said...

Hi Wynn!
I came here from blog giveaways, wow what a generous and lovely giveaway!
I am a beginner at sewing and crocheting and I love to try quilts, bags and dresses.
I think I would love the 2nd parcel!
Thank you so much!

kittycat said...

wow this is such an amazing giveaway!!! i would definitely pick the 1st parcel because that carry-bag is SO adorable. i'm in love with it!!
i'm your newest follower also so lemme tell you a little bit about myself.
i'm 18 years old, living in texas (usa). i go to college four hours away from my hometown and i LOVE it. but i'm currently in a long distance relationship & we've been going almost 2 years strong. we are maddddly in love with each other :) i LOVE hello kitty and pandas and all animals and dresses and summer. and a lot of other things! tell me about yourself? ^_^

xo tiffany

Oksana said...

I would love to get the 1st parcel, its so cute carry bag, my daughter will love it, and we will use it with big care and love!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Fantastic giveaway!!! You are a great person to do this. I would like parcel #1.

Everything here looks wonderful.



sandandstarfish said...

What a fantastic 3 giveaways! I would love the third for the buttons :) I'm trying to make my stash grow! Or the first one... my daughter would walk around with the cute purse everywhere! Now... on to me...
I'm a 27 year old mother of 1 amazing daughter who I have nicknamed gck-1 which is really just her initials and an added -1 :) I just recently got married and I love it! I live 3 blocks from the beach and I try to get as much sun as I can. I love it. love love love it! I recently started my own garden and so far it's been a little difficult! I love coffee in the morning and warm milk at night.
I also have a blog... if you ever get a chance, you should stop by sometime! I have a giveaway going on right now too and one starting tomorrow :)

Trulyana said...

Dear Wynn,
My name is Ana, and I live in the UK. This is my first time visiting your blog and I already see there is much love in it.
I am drawn to the 2nd parcel, as I haven't figured out what to do in regards to buttons. I'm a newbie sewer and I love crafting old materials into something new, and I also love painting and taking photographs.
All the best to you with your blog.
Take care and feel free to drop by my blog anytime. :)

Carapace said...

What a cute blog! Thanks for having this giveaway, so I could find you!:D
If I win, I'd love package #1, because the bunny is so cute, and I can't resist a mystery! But I am a little worried by real rabbits. Also, cows. And deer. They're all harmless, more or less, but they have those solid dark eyes that I find very very unnerving.

Also, cows will totally walk right over a person and not notice. Or put their heads through a fence and fall asleep that way. I know because I live with cows all around, and I have watched them do the fence trick, and walk over all sorts of things and just be a little confused as to why they're stumbling.

Anyway! I have paintings to get back to, and also dinner, and about five other projects that somehow all need attention right now! And yet I'm not a mom or anything! Come by my blog and say hello some time?

in Central Texas
surrounded by crafts and cows!


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh - if I were to win I would defintely want the third - I'm really drawn to buttons at the moment!

Rebecca said...

Hello Wynn, I am from the Deep South USA although I now reside in Washington, DC. I remember learning to quilt from my great grandmother (born in 1854). Also my mother and her sisters quilted with frames hanging from the ceiling by cords or ropes. When they were through quilting for the day, they wound the cord around the long pole at each corner of the quilt frame so it would be near the ceiling and out of the way! I enjoy your blog and wish you great joy in your quilting! I love the Shinzi Katoh Mon Peluche carrier but like all your selections!

Sweetpeas said...

What a great giveaway! I'm a SAHMommy to 3 girls, 7 yr old homeschooled twins and a 1 yr old whirlwind. I'd love to win the first parcel.

Barb, Diabetic Snacker said...

I'd like the small carry bag & goodies. I love surprises and besides I don't know how to sew.

Kim said...

I am loving the Shinzi Katoh bag!!! I am a stay at home mom to 2 kids! I have 3 dogs! I love to garden and be with my family! xo

kimberly.long at gmail dot com

DEBIJOT said...

I would pick #1. I am retired with 5 grandkids. I love to have them come over on weekends and we have wonderful times at the pool in the summer.

Grace Wong said...

wow, thank you so much!
I choose parcel #3, the fabrics are so cute!

I am a serious Japan addict, I love the fashion, music, animes, dramas, food, and anything else I didn't mention! X3

Emily Taylor said...

I would parcel 2. I am a mother of one, who is one. I am a novice seamstress, and love to always have a project going. I admit I am a bit a.d.d. so I have to make sure I finish one before moving onto another. But I don't always do that.

Christine said...

Whoo Hoo, a fabric giveaway. I'm a fabric junkie and a self-taught quilter. I'd love to win either #2 or #3. Any time I can add new pieces to my fabric stash, it's a good day.

A little about me (other than the quilter thing), I'm a mom of 3 kids. One is in the Navy, the other is in high school. I've been married for 20 years next month, and other than the quilting thing, I'm a full-time freelance writer.

Elena said...

I would love to win package 1. My name is Elena, I live in Russia. I am a fashion designer and also I work in PR/advertisment design.


aj said...

Package 2 pls. I'm from Manila, Philippines. ( :

A_C_E_ at hotmail dot com

Sabahnur said...

hello adorable give away. couldnt decide 1. or 3. ... but 1 is better! i am a s.k fan!

name: sabahnur
mail sabahnur at

Karen Propes said...

I would love to win any, but like #2 the best. Thanks for a great giveaway.

Marcia said...

Thank you for your giveaway. If I were to win, I would select the gift with fabrics. I found your blog through your comment on another blog, though have read about zakka when researching sashiko. Little about myself: dropped out of the corporate work world to live with my parents as caregiver for my father until he passed away. My mother taught me to quilt and I love it! I read your hand quilting post first. The ideas of hand quilting without the backing and backstitching technique are ones that I want to attempt.

julieb said...

i would love the second parcel.
ive been sewing like crazy, and always need new fabrics