my boy turns 2 ^_^

Happy birthday to our sweet boy who turns 2 today.*hugs*

Sometimes I wonder if time really passes that fast. 2 years ago, after 18 hours of labour, we saw zy for the first time and he was this curious, quiet and observant big baby lying just beside my labour bed. I remembered zy gazing at me and I felt like I was looking at a total stranger.

Now, my heart smiles everyday with zy. Even his small actions will make me laugh and giggle.

zy is our angel.

And it's zy that I realise that love can be so true, pure and unconditional.

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stitchinSista said...

Happy birthday zy!!Its a huge cake, isnt it!? (it reminded me of going to reserve a cake today, thanx!)Great pic of a happy family ^_^