iPod/iPhone pouch

A few days ago, I made this pouch to fit my iPod. It should fit the iPod snugly without it slipping or falling out of the pouch.

Since it is only a prototype or my first trial, I used rough sewing and stitching. There is also a few stains on the fabric. I just wanted to see how the pouch will look like and if my design is feasible to make some for the shop.

The pouch has 3 compartments to fit your earpiece as well as your USB cable. I'm not an organised person so my bag is always very messy. So I thought I need to make more compartments so that I do not need to rummage my bag for earpiece everyday.
I have sent this prototype to one of my customers together with her order. I hope she does not mind the rough work.

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sheryan said...

Hi Wynn! I love the concept. I cant wait to see what adjustments youll be making for it. That is something I really need haha. Ive always got tangled earphones and wires everywhere ... Id love to have something like that to keep everything neat and organized. ^^