Yes, I'm still around! Every since work started in July, I have been busy coping with full time working life again (after 2 years of bumming as a stay-at-home-mother). And with a little one growing in my tummy, I have to do alot of re-adjustments to my daily routine and... well, forget about personal time.

I really want to sew something. Soon!

Last weekend was a nice break for us. We went to a boutique hotel in town for a short getaway and it was relaxing. Obviously, the plane does not allow a "big tummy penguin" on board so my plan for a holiday trip... =(

Counting down to next year January. Just another 3 more months to go. I can't wait to hold baby in my arms. Zy is also excited about his little sister. He kisses and hugs my tummy everyday. Can you imagine that? He is soooo sweet.

I was looking at my etsy shop and how much I have neglected it. So, I'm going to sew up a storm (if possible) for christmas sale. And yes, two blankies for the big bro and lil' sis.

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Creative B Bee said...

Wow!!! BIG good news!!! Congrats!!!...soon you may have the 好”

sina said...

hello wynn!!congrats on no.2! Im expecting my second niece come january too, so excited :)You take good care now!