Feeling guilty

I thought while zy is in school in the morning, I could sew something simple for the shop. But I was wrong. After sending zy to school today, I spent my morning surfing net and waiting for time to pass before going to the school again at noon. That's how much I miss zy.

Anyway, I cried again today when I saw zy crying helplessful while being fed lunch by his teacher. I almost dashed into the classroom and zy was shocked to see me that he jumped up. We hugged and he was smiled at me. My heart melted.

Maybe we should not have decided to send him to childcare at such a young age.

I'm feeling guilty.

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Mommy Mash said...

Hi, the initial days can be real heart wrenching. I understand how you feeling coz I been there too! I too, am SAHM since my son is borned. The difference between your case and mine is that I sent my son to playgroup only. It's only two hours program and I was already feeling terrible hearing him cried. I decided to pull him out and change to another school which worked out very well! hmm...maybe you can monitor how is zy coping at the current childcare. if it still didn't improve, maybe you can see if there's other factors that causing him not to be able to adapt in the new environment. also, try not to let him know your emotional coz he can feel it. though I feel heartpain to see him cry, I always tell myself that to send him in happy mood and tell him the good things about attending the playgroup. hope zy will adapt well and soon!