Weather has been bizzare, or

Weather has been bizzare, or rather, good, these days. It's usually hot and sunny in the mornings and downpour in the afternoons. And this kind of weather is the same as in Bintan, Indonesia. Yes, jw, zy and I were there for a short holiday for the past few days.

It was an enjoyable trip for us (despite zy's tantrums and encouters with some inconsiderate tourists). At least, it was a good break for me. I really enojoyed the calm and peace just by sea watching.

We brought zy to the beach for the first time and to feel the soft sand that flowed through his small curious fingers. jw was, however, irritably bitten by sandflies and had thiry over bites. It was heartpain for me to see him in itch and agony... Dear him.

It's good to go for a short tour like this every few months. To relax and recharge. Sometimes, life is just too hectic to sit down and enjoy (just this morning, I drank coffee, ate bread, read newspaper, look after zy... all at the same time).

Yeah, tomorrow is weekend again! I love weekends...

With a list of custom orders on hand, I just do not know where to start... Perhaps I need a little retail therapy tomorrow... to buy more fabrics. ^_^

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Katy said...

oh wow - that beach looks like paradise! It sounds like a great break....but I am sorry about the sand flies, they always seem to like me too. Nasty things!Good luck with your orders - I agree, retail therapy is a great way to clear your mind and get you ready for a busy schedule!

sina said...

hey dearie, you've been tagged! you'll play along :)