This is my 1st time

This is my 1st time listing drawstring bag in the shop. Actually, I have made quite a few for private orders and my customers love their bags, telling me how easy and convenient it is to use for running daily errands, going shopping or marketing, or as a lunch pouch for work.

I am still quite hesitant about the response in Etsy. I hope it will be good even since alot people prefer wristlets. If the response is ok, I will probably make it a permanent feature in the shop.

Oh, I made this mini pouch for a nice lady. Although we have never met, I think she is nice. She is Leonny and I love to read her blog. Not sure if she still drops by here. I hope she will like it!

And I am also listing this pouch in my Etsy shop. Probably I only have enough fabric (Heather Bailey's Pop Garden series) to make just one more (since I have used most of it for the Big Everyday bag - Pop Garden which Lenny is already using it!*^_^*

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Leonny said...

THANKS Wynn!! :) I received your cute little pouch today, what a nice surprise!! I'm already planning to use it as my 'pocket camera pouch'! :) It'll travel with me everywhere from tomorrow onwards :)AND, thanks heaps too for the pencil pouch for Anya! So very nice of you! She's asleep now, but I'll show it to her tomorrow morning! I know she'll sure be excited about it because she's started using pencils and erasers to do her homework (ya ... homework for 'K1' kids ... already!). It'll be her very first official 'pencil case' now!And here's wishing you a happy Chinese New Year yaaa ... PS: And hope you're coping well with Zy and his tantrums (I can imagine how draining it must've been for you handling it all). Take care!Leonny

mommysam said...

Hi Wynn,As I thought, Leonny is lucky to get the pouch from you;) Yeah! She's very nice. I learned a lot from her blog;)Meanwhile the pouch is very nice=) Love,Sam