X'mas Giveaway (1)

A small X'mas Giveaway for readers of one of my most favourite blog, Leonny's Our Everyday Things! If you have yet to read Leonny's blog, pls do visit it soon! She is an amazing mother with fantastic photography skills and an inspiring blog which I never want to miss it every week.

And, here is the Giveaway: two Mini pouches in AmyButler Pink fabric and Japanese imported Cherry Red fabric.
To get these mini pouches, just leave a comment to tell which pouch you would prefer to have and the reason. Two lucky readers of Leonny's blog will be picked randomly on 9th Dec, 2008.

More giveaways coming soon...*

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PRIMA said...

Hi Wynn, the mini pouches are wonderful! It's really hard to make the choice,... Ok, I'd love to win the one in AmyButler Pink fabric, for the perpetual flower patterns are simply gorgeous!! :) The look and colour of it has set me in the Christmas mood so much. I want it! :D

mamabliss said...

Hi Wynn, I chanced upon your blog while going through Etsy.com and wow thanks for this giveaway, I love AmyButler's stuff... ;) would be great to win your giveaway... ;)

And yes, I'm a regular visitor of Leonny's website too *smile*

I'd love to invite you to participate in the fun of my Christmas giveaway too ;) incidentally I am also giving away zipper pouches teehehe... here's the link http://lilhandmadesbymamabliss.blogspot.com/2008/11/christmas-giveaway.html


Anonymous said...

Hi Wynn!

I'd hopped over here via Leonny's site; am a regular reader of her blog too!

As for mamabliss above, I've been lucky enough to have been invited to her playgroup, and it's been great fun!

Also, not sure if you remember me, but we'd corresponded some months ago because I'd been looking for a customised work bag. Hope you've been well! :)

Anyways, I love the look of both pouches, but I really just wanted to drop a note to say hi, and what a small world this is turning out to be!


Gwen said...

Hi Wynn,
I was browsing through your other products as well and I think your raindrop coasters are fantastic. Very unique. Thinking really hard about getting the Simple Bag, hehe!
I like the AmyButler Pink best =)
Hope you will pick me =D
My email add is tangerinechoenix@yahoo.com.sg

yelhsa said...

have been following your blog closely and really do like to read your stuff. Found you thru' the Esty..
Indeed your workpiece are all unique and nice which inspires me want to learn sewing.

Tough to make the choice as both are beautiful made. But still has to make a choice.. *flapping the coin*.. oops amybutler pink. the coin has decided for me =)

email add: yelhsa.y@gmail.com

keep the gd work..

Anonymous said...

Hi Wynn,

I found you through Leonny's site.
My goodness, your art work is wonderful, I'm not a creative person, but I always admire those who can translate their creativity thinking into something tangible like this.

I've checked out your etsy store as well as zakka art.com, honestly I feel like buying every single bag in there! *never have too many bags* :D

Love the look of the 2 pouches, I like the AmyButler Pink. Hope you'll pick me! :D

thanks!! email contact is weilitak@hotmail.com

KittyCat said...

Hi Wynn - First time to your blog and wow, I'm blown over by your fabulous bags :)

Tempted to get one too...

Unlike everyone else, I like the Cherry Red one. Why? A messy, always-on-the-go Mum, I feel that the fabric would cover stains and look clean even after a while.

I also think it'd look better with a white or pink button though. More cheery!


Keith n Hazel said...

Hi Wynn , I chance ur blog thou Leonny's site . I am a regular reader of her blog. :)

I would like to have the Cherry Red Design for my 1 year plus old daughter hazel who love little purses in red. If she gets the pouch , she can finally carry a pouch she all her own for our shopping trips next time! :)


Sofia said...

Hi Wynn :)

You are such a creative woman and mom!!! Can't imagine how you can manage your time with family and yet still can produce such beautiful stuff.

Thanks for your kind offer. I would prefer to have the one with AmyButler Pink fabric.

The reasons are:
1. Pink is my favourite colour :)
2. The colours blend so nicely (soft pink and bright pink). It gives a very fresh look.
3. The botton's colour is so match with the fabric's colour.

Once I look at it, I just immediately love it.

You must have inspired a lot of women :) Keep it up Wynn!!!

My Email:

TLC said...

Hi Wynn,
Leonny's blog is my favourite. Her sharing on good days, bad days, child minding tips and even on marriage makes me feel that I'm not alone and still sane! :D
I like the fabric of both pouches so no preference actually. Hee hee, getting the pouch would be a nice treat for myself this X'mas (yes, trying to put my needs up the priority list once in a blue moon...). Thanks!
Email: tanlayching@yahoo.com.sg

liz beh said...

I think it is amazing there are young mothers like you who still can sew. My mum could sew because we were poor.. but being better off now made us a lot lazier yah.

I love the AmyButler Pink. Honestly.. I just love that print at first sight.. could be the vibrant pink. The pink button.. just completed the whole look.

email: lizziebeh@rentadeco.com

dea said...

helloo.i'm dea.i just saw the announcement about this give away today and i hope i'm not very late :) i think i like the Japanese imported Cherry Red fabric. though i didn't really see it as a cherry (i thought it was tomato!) hahaha so based on my first impression that it's a tomato, i choose this pouch because i like to eat tomato!whether to be served as salad or juice.also, the brown button is so nice, which reminds me about nature, and i love nature!esp green and brown (like trees) x) and btw, i love handmade stuffs :)

my email: mynameisamadea@gmail.com

mommysam said...

Hi Zakka,

I was reading Leonny blog and I chanced upon her write-up. Really admire your courage to be SAHM. I wish I can be one too bad Financial don't allow me to do so. Once I am free - I would like to get some bags from you as I loved handmade stuffs=) And I strongly suppport handsewn products.