I am very excited now.

I am very excited now. An idea struck me last night while I was cutting fabric for an order for Simple Bag and I started working almost immediately. Luckily zy slept real early last night!

Oh yes, I am going to make a reversible Simple Bag!

This will be my first time trial making reversible bag and I am praying real hard that it will turn out nice. *crossing fingers*

In process...(ignore my messy workplace pls)

It's funny sometimes that the more stress you are, the more creative you will be. Or is it just me. With so many orders for Simple bags on hand, I eat, sleep, talk and dream about Simple bags. It's scary coz you do not know when you will sprout out the word "bag" again and again.

Counting down to... X'mas... and the number of orders on hand.

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