Bookworm me

The number of books I bought from Kinokuniya.

Spent quite some money on books yesterday. I was probably too happy to think sensibly that I should save money for rainy days (if I ever do).

From as far as I can remember, I have always love reading and before I got married, I used to read in bed before I fell asleep with a book in my hand. But ever since zy came into our lives, I stopped my most favourite past time, hurrying to catch a little more sleep each night without even going through my usual beauty routine of applying moisturiser and mask.

When I was younger, I did not have alot of luxury to buy books. Most of the time, books were borrowed from the library and before I could finish reading all the four books (the maximum number of books that each member can borrow each time) I borrowed each time, I had to return all. And when I started making money during my university days, I was too stingy on myself to buy the books I like. With the little amount I earned, I had to pay for school fees and family expenses and I was left with almost nothing to spend. So I had a bad habit of going to the bookstore to read a few pages each day till I finish reading the book. So afraid of being chased away by the storekeeper!

Now that I am older and a mother, I treasure good books and I do not want to give them a miss anymore for not buying and keeping. Alot of times, I do feel regretful for not being able to find the book I like anymore when I suddenly feel like reading it!

p/s: This is one of the custom order for drawstring lunch pouches I did for X'mas.

Gonna start working on some requests for diaper bags and easy totes!

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JJ said...

totto chan is a nice book. i like it v much. :)

sina said...

hello there! just dropping by to say hi... i hearted your coasters a while back and went back to see your shop today. Its lovely!great to see a fellow singapore etsian :)

Wynn said...

Hey jj, I hope I can finish reading the book soon! It looks nice.Hi sina, I love your floral creations too! Perhaps will buy from you someday for my bags!=)

mamabliss said...

i love books too... and like you i will go out of hand and buy loads of them each time :) thanks for participating in my giveaway again...setting shop together sounds like a cool idea teehehe ;)

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