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Does anyone remember Flickr? A long time ago when Flickr was the old instagram, we used to upload pictures and post them to like minded groups. I would sew and share my pictures to craft groups and people would click like or leave comments. 

I remembered that day when I caught a glimpse of a beautiful photo that made my heart fluttered. The photo potrayed a sense of serenity with pretty flowers on a table and bookshelves full of books at the background. It was the kind of house I would really love to live in. And then I started following the person's Flickr and as much as you can guess now, it was Ayda's (cafe nohut) photosteam. So does that mean I've liked her for the longest time?

When Ayda announced that she wrote a new book "Made For Baby", I was literally scrambling to order one. Look at the cover! Who can resist making all the wonderfully looking baby stuff from the book? And the most important thing is, my baby sister will be having her first baby this month. This book came at the perfect time for me to make something for her and my baby nephew!

A million hearts to sweetest Ayda for asking me to join her blog tour with other talented friends from far and out. You fulfilled my wish to sew something from your awesome book.

I have nothing much to say about the book. Seriously, all the projects are so well written with clear simple instructions. Most of them are great even for beginners. The templates are pretty straightforward too. The amazing pictures make you want to make every single project. I started making one. Then another, then another. I just could not stop my hands.

So in the end, I made not three (initial plan) but four projects for this "Made For Baby" blog hop. And I deliberately chose all my "favouritest" fabrics for them! 

First sewing is the Toy Basket. Obviously I love functional handmade things like bags, pouches or baskets. This is a must-make for my sister and her baby because you know, first baby usually have overflowing toys. They will need the basket to keep them organised!

Blue for baby boy! But of course, I still need to add lace. 

I think I may have kept this fabric for years just for this project. It was a fat quarter so I altered the size of the basket template by shrinking them about 15%. It came out just nice. How versatile!

The cute handles are from Daiso. I am very happy that I managed to find them stuffed underneath the drawer. Aren't the adorable animal fabric and starry handles a perfect combination?

Can be a tiny baby clothes storage basket too. I love the small pocket at the front for nitty gritty things. I did not hide the raw edges as shown in the book. Instead, I covered them with a brown lace as binding. And I added a cute hot air balloon tag.

The basket surely can hold a lot of things! With the wide base, it's a really useful light weighted basket for baby toys and clothes. I think my sister will love it and find it good to use.

Second project is the Cute Fabric Boxes. I only made one box as a compartment to put inside the toy basket. The sewing technique is similar to the toy basket so it's easy peasy.

Lace again for my sister. Everything just looks better with lace and crochet bias binding (you can buy from SunnyDaySupply).

Third project is Comets. These stunning stars will surely lit up any baby room! They are huge enough for baby to see and play with if you hang them above the baby cot. They are a must-do for me to gift to my baby nephew!

Puffy soft stars hanging on the wall. Really desirable as baby shower presents.

I don't have many ribbons in my stash. Glad to have found these few just nice for the comets.

The back of the stars are as attractive as the front. Thanks to the beautiful fabrics from Apple Farm by Elea Lutz from Penny Rose Fabrics

The last project was a last minute one and it's Tiny Bow Ties. Of course these are not for baby boy. They are for my daughter!

I made them just yesterday! Not with sewing machine but handsewn. There are many projects in the book that are do-able by hand. This is one of them and a very quick one too. These three bow ties are done under half hour.

I used ready-made ribbons for the centre to save time. These bow tie hair clips are way too lovely. My daughter has already asked me to a few more for her BFFs! *fabrics are Memoire a Paris by Lecien*

Hope everyone enjoyed what I made for Ayda's blog tour! It was a very pleasant experience to sew all the above projects from the book. "Made For Baby" book by Tuva Publishing is now available in Amazon and book depository

Thank you dearest Ayda and Tuva Publishing again!xx

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cafenoHut said...

Ohh! Wynn, Thank you so much again and again for your lovely support and encouraging words 💛💛💛 I loved your all projects soooo much 💕 I don't know how I can thank you enough!

Samantha D said...

You made so many beautiful things from the book - and they are all so lovely!!