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Hello! Today is the first day of Quilt Petite Blog Hop and I'm so thrilled to have snagged the place to be the first blogger to share what I have made from this really amazing book.

I have this "girl-crush" thing for Sedef Imer coz everything she makes is just oh-so-pretty. From color coordination to pattern design to sewing techniques, Sedef has them all. No doubt. I told myself I had to get this book no matter what just by looking at the enticing book cover. Truly, this book speaks wonders of how small patchwork sewing can bring joy to daily life. Every page is eye candy with pops of colours and close up shots of the beautiful projects from cushion to placemat to noticeboard and of course, mini quilts. Sedef's sewing is very precise and delicate as seen from the pictures. That's one of the reasons why I love Sedef's work so much.

There are many techniques shared in the book so you can learn a whole lot even by just flipping the first few pages. Reading is easy and instructions are simple to follow. One major brownie point of this book is that all templates are in actual sizes. It makes sewing so much more enjoyable without the need to enlarge or shrink templates.

Okay here's what I made from Quilt Petite book. Two things. Oh well, I just couldn't stop at one.

First sewing: Bon Appetit Placemat

This one is completely handsewn and handquilted. Most of the projects in the book can be handsewn from what I see. You just need a little more patience and time. I used my favourite floral fabrics just like what Sedef did! I wanted to follow her style of dreamy flowery fabrics.

Cutting of templates was a breeze. I just needed to draw 1/4" seam allowance for the templates before handsewing.

I am in awe with how Sedef designed the templates so they all match when lined up. It was so therapeutic to sew this project.

Since we don't use placemat at home, I asked my daughter if she would like to draw something so I can practice sewing illustration. She gamely drew her "favourite elephant drink water in the jungle".  Then I added "Thailand" word for a good memory that I made this in Thailand.

It's going to be a placemat for the flower vase instead.

I wrote in IG the other day that "I think I'm going a little overboard with this lace thing". I still feel the same way looking at it now. But I LOVE IT.

I even sewn an adorable fabric tag at the back. Even if no one will flip over to see.

This is the full view of the placemat. A little wonky perhaps because of hand quilting without hoop. Just pins but it sure does look handmade and cozy for the centre table!

Second sewing: Scattered Stars

This sewing is a completely surprise for me coz I didn't plan to do it this way at all. It was supposed to be a mini wall quilt like Sedef's but because of my slow handsewing, I had to forgo all my initial ideas of making five coloured stars. I think Sedef will not mind at all I hope!

So I call it Scattered Stars Zippy Long Pouch. It's pretty long-ish about 12" length.

I took some time to handsew the patchwork stars even though they are not so difficult. I think it might be easier to handsew than paper piece.

I have to show you the handsewing stitches at the back.

The stars are the medium sized ones. The floral zipper adds a little charm to the pouch. I chose the zipper before deciding how to make the pouch to accommodate the zipper length. It's a weird way but  it's my preferred way.

This pouch is not totally handsewn as planned. Only the stars are handsewn. All the other quilting and sewing are done by my trusty sewing machine late into the night. I think it did a pretty good job.

I quilted around the stars to make them pop.

Simple pouch back. Same lace throughout.

Pretty floral pink fabric for interior just makes my heart flutter.

I hope I didn't deviate too much from the original version of Scattered Stars in the book! I really love the one in the book with scrappy big, medium and small stars.

These are the two things I made from Quilt Petite book! I hope you enjoyed reading them!

Sedef will be giving away a book+fabrics+lots zakka goodies at the end of the blog tour so do stop by her blog! Everyday from today till December 11, there will be a super talented blogger sharing what she has made from the book. Here's the list for the Quilt Petite Blog Hop:

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You can buy this fantastic book from Book Depository and Amazon.

Thank you Sedef for inviting me to join your book writing journey. You nailed it, girl! For writing such a wonderful book! And thank you Tuva Publishing for sending the book!xx

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Terry said...

Your placemat is adorable and I just love your long zippy pouch...beautiful work!!

~Carla~ said...

Absolutely beautiful work!! I love the placemat with the touch of lace, and the pouch is just gorgeous!! I love it so much!! You do such beautiful work!

cafenoHut said...

Everything is gorgeous!!!

Michele T said...

Beautiful projects!!! I love all the extra little touches that you added....perfect and specialđź’•

Linda said...
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Linda said...

YOUR PROJECTS are just so pretty! Eager to see this new Book! Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

YOUR PROJECTS are just so pretty! Eager to see this new Book! Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen OGrady said...

You did a fabulous job on what you made! I really want to try making both of those projects now. I LOVE those stars!!

Mara said...

Love your zipper pouch!

Sissy Tolin said...
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Sissy Tolin said...

Both projects you made are beautiful! I really love the stars and can't wait to try it myself.

Lauren said...

So delightful!

Anonymous said...

Love your projects and your work is beautiful.

Livin' on Tulsa Time said...

Love the drawing! Such a great idea. Your style is so sweet - I just love it.