Pixie Noel Blog Hop - 12 days advent calendar

It's another Christmas craft today with one of my most favourite designers, Tasha Noel's new fabric collection Pixie Noel by Riley Blake Designs. I was eyeing on these adorable fabrics for a long time so I couldn't be happier when dear Tasha asked me to join her blog hop. In fact, I was very elated!

I am not shy to say I have all of Tasha's previous collections too. I love her drawings. My kids too. They always ask if I can make something for them with all her cute fabrics. Pixie Noel, in particular, is their favourite. The bunnies, reindeers, stockings, pixies on sledges and snow covered christmas trees. Oh well.

This time, I planned to make an advent calendar and I did. Twenty-five fussy cut pockets on a big red polka dot linen. When I finished sewing, I wasn't quite happy with it. It was too big and clumsy for my liking. I mean, I always prefer something smaller and more zakka style. So out of impulse, I snipped it into a simpler version of a twelve days advent calendar.

Here it is, Pixie Noel 12 days advent calendar! Oh, remember the song "12 days of Christmas"? 12 days before and after Christmas?? Oh my, now it becomes so versatile!

I added little details like fabric tags, doily and lace. And christmas-sy green pom poms to make it like a banner. The sides are intentionally without binding to keep the edges raw. There is no interfacing/batting as well. So free and easy just the zakka way I love it.

See the alphabet stamps for the numbering of pockets? 

My plan was to find a branch to hang the calendar but obviously I could not. The wooden hanger in the wardrobe caught my sight and I quickly cut strips of fabrics to wrap around it using mod podge as glue. Well, it was the best decision ever! The ribbon was a discarded lace found in the stash box. I'm glad it wasn't thrown away previously!

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year and I am so happy to be already done with quite a few Christmas sewing in summer. Including this Pixie Noel Twelve Days Advent Calendar! Come on, Christmas! I am so ready for you!xx

ps. thirteen remaining pockets snipped away and what should I do with them?>.<

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Unknown said...

This fabric line holds so much cuteness! Thanks for working up such a cute project to feature it. Very creative & inspiring!

Cecilia said...

This fabric is adorable!

sam said...

so cute. Lucky little recipient.