With all my hearts patchwork zipper pouch pattern

This is a zipper pouch I made last week out of frustration for handsewing all week long. I thought it looks kawaii (cute). Great for stationery and small sewing stuff. And just in time for Valentine's day too!



It has six hearts in all different colors. Like a rainbow. All my favourite reproduction fabrics. And the white background fabric (by Suzuko Koseiki) just arrived that day and it looked perfect together with the colourful fabrics.




It did not take long to sew this pouch. Just one morning and it was completely just the way I imagined. I was very happy!

This is my first time writing a pattern. For the past few days I have been trying very hard to draw with touchdraw app and photoshop. But all was futile. Sigh. So I gave up pulling my hair out sitting in front of the computer, whipped out my pen and a piece of blank paper and started drawing. And hey, I did it.

Well, it's may not a perfect piece of work but I still hope everyone can understand the pattern and sew this pouch for your loved ones.

Before you start sewing, remember this is a pattern and not a tutorial. You need to have basic bag making experience or at least, zipper sewing experience. If you don't, you may wish to read this zipper pouch tutorial post I did years back to learn about how to sew a zipper pouch.

This pouch is machine-sewn. All seam allowance is 1/4". Pattern features making of three patchwork hearts for the front of the pouch only. The back of pouch is plain with quilting details. If you wish to make six hearts (three for front and three for back like me), double quantity for all cutting but omit cutting 4.25"x9" rectangle from background fabric.

You can choose to use one fabric design per color. I used three different fabrics for each color and alternate my cutting. It's patchwork so you can use all different fabrics!

With all my hearts patchwork zipper pouch pattern

Have fun!xxx

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Kristi Pratt said...

Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and pattern with us! I think this pouch is adorable! Your such a sweetie to share it and I hope your Valentines Day is fabulous! I understood the pattern good job writing it.

elsa said...

Thank you so much for this darling pouch pattern. I'm doing a little Valentine swap with a friend and this will be perfect for her ~ she adores hearts!

Kristin said...

Thanks! I just downloaded it and am looking forward to making it!