#handsewpatchwork Block 12: Card Trick

How I love this week's block! It's not tricky at all for sewing (no curves or appliqué, only end-to-end stitches) and I had fun piecing them like a tangram or jigsaw!


Download Template 12 Card Trick


Cut the templates out. It's very easy. For each coloured fabric, cut two big triangles and two small triangles. For background fabric, cut four big triangles and four small triangles.


And here's the fun part! Rearrange the templates according to diagram and if it's ok to leave them untouched, please do so as not to confuse yourself during sewing.


There are three groups (upper, middle and lower) and three parts in each group to sew. I chose the middle group to start sewing. Sew the four coloured triangles first. When joining, make sure the seams are in opposite direction to reduce bulk at the centre.


Then sew the two parts at the sides. Join the two small triangles first followed by the big triangle. Press seam towards darker fabric.


Now sew the parts in upper and lower group in the same way.


When all parts are ready, sew the together in their groups.



Lastly, sew the three groups together!


This is how I pressed the seams.


And here you go! an easy but interesting card trick patchwork block!

^^For cross referencing if you have the book, this patchwork block is at page 37.

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