Baby happy quilt

**edited: mails are coming in saying that my pictures are not clear! Yes I just realised and not sure why. Something is not right... Anyway, meanwhile, please click on picture if you wish to see a clearer picture. Thank you!**

So when I started making this quilt, my children are wondering if they are going to have another baby sister or brother. Then when I told them "sorry not any chance", they let out a big sigh of relief. Just because they are having enough trouble with their cheeky toddler brother (almost 20 months old) now who keeps throwing and messing their things. And putting his butt into everything they are doing.

Happy baby quilt

I had wanted to try this pattern since a few years back when I fell in love with Lecien fabrics. I'm not sure what took me so long to make it but I'm happy I did it this time. The free quilt pattern is Two Happy by Monica Solorio Snow for Lecien.



The pattern is relatively easy to sew even for beginners. I only took a few hours in total to make the baby version.


And I found the perfect fabrics* to make this. The fabrics make the quilt so pretty and cheerful.


The binding is scrappy. I think the scrappiness makes the quilt look even beautiful.


Straight line diagonal quilting is what I like to do now.



The sweet backing is Little Darlings II - Child's Play by Little Quilts. See how the red and pink and yellow dots look like small fun balloons!


Since we are not having any babies at the moment, I'm putting this up in my etsy shop. It's already washed and ready for a good baby cuddle anytime!


*fabrics: Vintage happy by Lori Holt from Bee in my Bonnet and Recipe for Success by Pam Kitty Picnic.

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Sarah @ A little happy place said...

It's really lovely and your choice of fabrics is gorgeous! Sarah xo

Jolana said...

Wonderful result!!! And I love the different fabrics on binding too!