love begins at home...

"Love begins at home, and it's not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action."
~ Mother Teresa

I chanced upon this quote in a magazine and thought about the  meaning to it for quite some time. Recently, I'm having a rather tough time dealing with my children. Not that they misbehave, it's the consistent nonsensical tantrums and frustrations. I try my best to keep my cool at all times but there are moments I nearly pulled my hair out. Screamings and cryings drive me crazy. My patience runs thin. And I break down a few times, feeling like a lousy mom. But whenever I feel lost and helpless, I remind myself of this quote. Love is all what our children need.

This pillow took me quite a while to handsew. I think the yo-yos (sewn with all my favourite fabrics) make an interesting detail to the pillow. The only thing I'm still not quite satisfied is the binding. I still cannot find a better fabric for the binding other than red. Any suggestion?

Since I do not have embroidery floss, I used quilting thread for handstitching the words. Each yo-yo is also sewn in place so I can just throw the pillow into the sewing machine (hand-wash no-spin function) to wash.

These yo-yos are small sized. I should make bigger ones to save trouble filling up the space. But I enjoyed making them, especially when I needed a therapeutic break.

The back is simple choice with my favourite lace. This is machine stitched.

Now I'm almost 24 weeks with baby #3. I'm intending to sew a small blanket for him. Handstitching is slow but I cannot find a quilter nearby. So I'm still thinking how to do it in the fastest way.

Anyway, I'm sewing a few hexies now...

will be back soon...


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therese said...

Oh this pillow is adorable. Your choice of fabrics are so sweet & I really like the binding!
It's hard being a mum sometimes. I agree with you about the nonsense they can carry on with. My patience wears thin somedays too! Don't be too hard on yourself. When they all behave and are lovely to one another I treasure it... because some days are just better than others!! Therese.

Kay said...

So prett. I have never washed suffolf puffs before, do they need an iron afterwards or do you just leave themn be? I do like the red binding by the way.

Kerri said...

such a pretty pillow! I adore the yo yo's!! simply fabulous!!