everyone is spoiling me... + giveaway winners

I just had the craziest two weeks. No sewing, no computer. Only cooking, running after kids and all other chores. Can you imagine how sad I am everyday looking at my working table and fabrics?

The happy times I had were when the postman rang my bell and passed me parcels. Everyone is spoiling me.... all my lovely friends.

Thank you so much, Amy! Thank you for the prettiest pincushion! It's so much bigger than I thought and it's so well made. I love it alot alot and have not used it yet... just cannot bear to damage it. I love all the hand stitching details. And thank you for the sweet note too!^_^

A parcel full of beautiful things from Amy! Thank you so much, Amy! I'm so spoilt by you with all the beautiful fabrics and ribbon trims and cards! And the sweet note! When I opened the parcel box, I was so overwhelmed by everything inside and I took quite a while admiring them. Amy also sent me a few Atsuko Matsuyama fabric which I don't have! Yay! And a few other pretty floral fabric too! *hearts*

Aw... this is one very surprised parcel from Kristin. My heart is still fluttering looking at this lovely parcel from Kristin. She is such a sweetie! She bought some fabric from my destash a while ago and I did not know she has so many better fabric in her stash! She just sent me this parcel without telling me! *happy* I love every single piece of fabric from her. And the fabric tape she did. All are my treasures! Thank you so much, Kristin! *hugs*

A big parcel of Sarah Jane, Children at Play fabric! I just could not resist this range of fabric so I had to buy it all from Kerri!They are such a darling! So vintage prints. And the pretty pom-poms by Riley Blake are a must to have too. I'm waiting for them to make pillows! Thank you so much Kerri!

So can you see how much I'm loved by lovely people? That includes my family too! They are loving me alot too and that makes me a little happier at the end of each day.

Ok, to the giveaway winners. Sorry for the long wait! Thank you so much for all your comments! I had a good time reading all and it was so interesting to find out the different kinds of flowers everyone likes. I really googled some flowers that I don't know. It's very fun for me to read about them! Thank you everyone for sharing!

Now, here you go:

I'll go according to sequence as in the generator.

18: Kristinorth - book
2: Elena - fabric
6: Kerry - fabric
15: ZiaMaria - embroidery thread

I'll email all winners shortly.

now I feel so much better after blogging... time to sleep...


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Kerry said...

How exciting Wynn! So, So happy to win some pretty fabric, how lovely! Thankyou x

Elena said...

Eeeek,Im one of the happy winners!! Thank you so much Wynn. Youre a sweetie Thank you. :D

Aya Smith said...

Oh my, so many beautiful patterns and colors together! This post is pretty just to look at :DAya ♥ Strawberry Koi