slow week...

It's a slow week for us this week. We are taking a step at a time.

Over the weekend, I went for some shopping for supplies that I have used up. But... as usual, I ended bringing home some really beautiful fabric.

Other than shopping, I baked granola bars too. My first try and mind you, it tastes really very nice. I'm not joking really. It's really very nice.

And very healthy too! Recipe is from here by La Fuji Mama, one of my most like food blogger. Her recipes are always easy, simple and most importantly, yummy.

Fresh strawberries are a treat now, especially when the weather is way too hot to do anything. But yes, I am continuing to sew quite a fair bit. I will show you soon.

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sweetTarap said...

Nice fabric especially the fabric on top. Where did you shop from? Hope to see your crafts using these fabric soon.