cheater's embroidery...

I'm not a cheater but I do like embroidery very much. However, embroidery takes alot of time to plan, sketch and stitch. So I very seldom do embroidery.

These days, I'm really itching to use my sashiko threads. They have been lying around for way too long. And when I saw this beautiful fabric online... I was smitten. I was all set to do a cheater's embroidery on this fabric with my beautiful sashiko thread.

This very pretty fabric is from Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi collection Summer Totem/Tart. I bought it from FabricPalooza whose owner, Karen, is one of the most helpful seller around. As you can see from the picture, I just follow the outline of the prints and stitch. Easy peasy. 

I'm still slowly stitching and enjoying the whole embroidery process.

A picture taken by my mum in a rose garden. It's on my inspiration board now.

p/s: coming up next post is a tutorial on patchwork coasters.

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