a little crazy over re-fashioning...

Is it June now? I am still living in a daze. Where have I been? What have I been doing? I don't know. Ever since house helper is gone, I live a life of a typical housewife. All the washing, cleaning, mopping, cooking, feeding, kids running... I miss sewing very badly. I think my sewing machine misses me too. Every night after a hard day's work, I'm literally a log plopped onto my sofa or bed. And the next day of routine starts all over again.

Sorry for promising sewing updates in the last post. I tried to pick a needle but my mind failed me. All the tiredness and distractions.

Last week, my heart could take no more of no-sewing. So I picked out a shirt which was lying around in a small corner of my cupboard for too long and cut it up.

The shirt was from hubby. He didn't like it anymore so he passed it to me. How would I wear that shirt? Definitely not my style.

In my mind, I wanted to make a dress for Chilli so I just drew a simple pattern and added a pretty floral binding. The dress turned out sweet.^_^ This is my style.

This dress makes me realise I love sewing with knits! Simply because they do not fray like cottons so I didn't have to sew zig-zag stitches as sergings. I was very happy to discover this. But knits are quite "slippery" so I had to be a little slower during sewing.

And then, a little craze over re-fashioning started after this dress!

I took out an onsie and snipped away the bottom buttoned part and added cotton fabric strips to it to make a patchwork-like dress for Chilli again. This dress was the fastest I ever sewed. I was so proud of myself! Took only two hours from cutting to serging with zig-zag stitches.

I'm SO happy with this girly swinging pretty dress! It has my favourite patchwork style with fabric from the Old New 30s collection. And it fits Chilli so perfectly (i'll take a picture of her wearing it very soon).

I was actually thinking of adding a heart applique until I found these two cute fabric buttons in my box! Imagine my grinning face when I saw them! ^_^ They were from one of my Flickr pals and they are just perfect for the dress.

A good news is that I can start sewing more from next week when new helper comes! It has been such a long wait. And I'm also almost done with my hexagon pillow. It looks nice for a little cuddle. I'll share the picture with you soon.

Now for two pictures of Chilli pretty happy in her blouse and skirt I sewed for her some time back... ^_^

Enjoy the week ahead! ^_^

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